How to Assemble the Arduino Board.

You are about to assemble your first Arduino Board - At the end it should look like the picture bellow.
Examine the PCB
There are 2 sides to the PCB board, Let's examine the top side (as shown bellow).
This side of the board indicate the right place and direction of each electronic component
we are about assemble.
The back side of the PCB (as shown below) is the soldering side, we will only solder on this side of the board!
Located the 10K resistor, the value of a resistor is represented by color strips on the resistor
and so a 10K resistor will have 3 rings Brown Red Orange and Silver (from Right to left).
if you want to know more about resistor - click here [ ]
Bend the resistor legs with your finger or clippers as shown in the picture below
Place the 10k resistor in the position of R?

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