Arduino Roadmap

(Written by David Cuartielles and Massimo Banzi. Updated on the 19.06.2005)











By the end of june we will release an alpha version of an ide for arduino. As usual all the sources will be in CVS for you to play with. Next step is adding support for multiple boards. We are working on adding a menu that will list all the directories in the "platforms" directory... each directory will contain a configuration file that tells Arduino IDE:

  1. the name of the board (arduino or BX24 or "bob's pic micocontroller board")
  2. the name of a java class that is able to turn the .arduino file into c and compile it
  3. the name of a java class that is able to download the .hex file to the board
  4. the location of the help files
  5. other configuration info

Essentially if somebody wants to add a PIC board to the system they just have to create a plugin using that structure and we have arduino working on pic

This means that instantsoup is not bound to arduino/wiring but can be adapted to what the individual school is using.

The first boards to be included will be:

(NB: I have done a quick test with SDCC and Picant C and it should be a matter of a couple days work each to add PIC and 8051 support. It should also be as quick to support 68HC11 and the Philips LPC ARM processors. If somebody wants to volunteer write us. 19.06.2005 Massimo Banzi )


I/O Boards

We currently have two boards ready and useable

We also have more boards in preparation

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