Arduino Software

The Arduino IDE is a cross-platform tool for easy editing and uploading of Arduino programs. The front-end builds on Processing and is written in Java. The code that runs on the board is based on the Wiring API and makes use of the Procyon AVR-LIB. See the API reference [ ].


The IDE is available for Mac OS X [ ] and Windows [ ]. On Linux, you'll need to build the source code and the avr-gcc tool chain. Also useful is the serial proxy for talking to an Arduino board from Flash or other programs (Mac [ ], Windows [ ], source [ ]).

Currently, the PC distribution does not contain a bootloader folder. For bootloading, download this [ ] and unzip into your Arduino directory.

Source Code

The source code [ ] to the IDE and the on-board library is available. Also see these instructions [ ] for getting a copy of the code.


[ Image ]

A screenshot of the Arduino IDE showing a simple example program.

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