Arduino 0018

January 29, 2010

Arduino 0018 available from the download page [ ].

Arduino 0019

September 3, 2010

Arduino 0019 available from the download page [ ].

Arduino 0020 released for Windows and Mac (supports Uno and Mega 2560).

David Mellis

September 27, 2010

Arduino 0020 for Windows and Mac OS X is now available from the download page [ ]. It features support for the new Uno and Mega 2560 boards and a new logo designed by ToDo [ ]. The Linux version will follow shortly.

A lot of people helped make this possible, including:

Thanks to everyone for their help!

On a technical note, the source code for Arduino [ ] has migrated to GitHub to facilitate distributed development and merging. It includes the source code for the 8U2 firmwares [ ] that we’re using for USB-serial conversion. The issues list [ ] and developers documentation [ ] will remain on the Google Code Arduino project [ ] for the foreseeable future.

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