Open Source Hardware definition v.1.0 released


February 10, 2011

Last year, Massimo, David Mellis, and I attended the Open Hardware Summit [ ] in New York, and began working with several others at the summit on a definition and statement of principles for producing open hardware. We’re happy to announce that after several months of discussion, writing, and debate, version 1.0 of the open source hardware definition [ ] and statement of principles has been released. Shepherded gently but fiercely by Ayah Bdeir, the definition is a good starting point to talk about what open source hardware is, what best practices are, and how the businesses making it work. My hope is that it will lead to more mainstream adoption of open source hardware practices.

Ayah writes [ ]:

Now, to move forward, please HELP:
1. Endorse the definition [ ], post your feedback on version 1.0 on the forum [ ] and the mailing list [ ] as we work towards a 1.1 update in the next few weeks / months.
2. Take a look at the logos [ ] we are considering for “open source hardware”, give feedback or submit your own logo on the forum [ ], in the thread LOGO.
3. Show your support of the OSHW Definition by applying the definition to your work/project/website [ ]
This is a very important step in propelling our movement forward. PLEASE FORWARD FAR AND WIDE.

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