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1998-02-26   Copyright Term Extension Act - See document  More  More  More
1998-03-04   Lawrence Lessig Named First Berkman Professor
1998-04-14   Charles Nesson Biography
1998-05-08   Mickey Mouse Slated to Become Public Property - See document
1998-05-26   The 1998 Harvard Internet & Society Conference  More 
1998-05-26   The 1998 Harvard Internet & Society Conference Sponsors
1998-10-08   Digital Millennium Copyright Act - See document  [PDF]  More  More
1998-10-08   Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act - See document  More  More  More

1999-03-15   Privacy in Cyberspace  More  More
1999-03-26   The Microsoft Remedy: Reduction of copyright protection  [PDF]  More  [YouTube]
1999-04-10   Formation of entity outside Harvard
1999-05-17   Free Software and the Death of Copyright - See document  [PDF]
1999-05-20   Building a Digital Commons  More  [PDF]  WMAs: More  More  More

2000-02-21   DeCSS Debate Now in OpenLaw Forum 
2000-03-31   Exemption to Prohibition on Circumvention  [PDF]
2000-05-10   Brief of Professor Charles R. Nesson on Universal v Reimerdes  More
2000-05-30   Brief of law professors, Berkman Center, others on Universal v Reimerdes  [PDF]
2000-10-01   The Future of Intellectual Property on the Internet  [YouTube]  More
2000-10-01   'Emmanuel Goldstein' and Eric Eldred ask questions  [YouTube]

2001-01-25   Decrypting DVD - See document  More  More  More
2001-04-19   Copyright and Globalization in the Age of Computer Networks - Listen  [OGG]  [WMAMore
2001-07-23   Berkman Center and  EFF Collaborate on "Chilling Effects"  More
2001-11-29   Creativity, Commerce, & Culture: Lessig vs. Valenti - See document [YouTube]

2002-04-19   Charles Nesson shows flair for the dramatic
2002-05-16   Creative Commons Announced - See document
2002-06-08   Greplaw  More  More
2002-10-08   The Supreme Court Hearing of Eldred v. Ashcroft  More  More

2003-05-28   You Can't Make Money with Open Source Software  [YouTube]
2003-05-28   Intellectual Property and Open Source Software  [YouTube]
2003-05-29   Open Source Software Perspectives  [YouTube]
2003-05-30 and  [YouTube]
2003-06-22   PJ, Let's Hit the Books - See document  More  More
2003-07-02   People
2003-10-06   EFF Expands San Francisco Staff - See document  More
2003-11-11   SCO-IBM project  More  More
2003-11-14   Caldera v. IBM, The Filter  More 

2004-01-04   PJ, Berkman Center - See document  More  More
2004-01-06   The Filter staff 
2004-01-23   SCO v IBM, The Filter  More  More  More
2004-01-30   Harvard is Pleased to Invite Darl to Speak - See document
2004-02-02   Defending Intellectual Property Rights - See document  [YouTube]  More  More
2004-02-02   Darl Goes to Harvard - See document  More  More  More
2004-02-02   Free as in Maaah - See document  More  More 
2004-02-04   Groklaw: Eben Moglen, Eric S. Raymond, Richard M. Stallman ... - See document  Original
2004-02-05   Questioning the Kernel  More  More  More
2004-02-12   Novell's Chris Stone Will Not Speak at Harvard, Moglen Will - See document
2004-02-23   The Legal Future of Free Software - See document  [YouTube]  More
2004-04-30   Groklaw: Eben Moglen, Dan Ravicher, Mark Webbink ... - See document  More
2004-08-23   "Free Culture" - See document  More  [WMA]
2004-12-18   PJ, "I like being nobody, a private person" - See document

2005-02-15   PJ, LinuxWorld - See document  Original  More  More  More  Original
2005-09-09   Lawyers Flock to Mystery Web Site's Coverage of SCO-IBM Suit - See document  More
2005-10-28   Massachusetts and "Open Standards and Interoperability"  More
2005-11-03   PJ, I'm Back, a Request for Help - See document
2005-12-04   Open Forum on the Future of Electronic Data Formats - See document

2006-11-20   Who is/are PJ? - See document
2006-12-29   Another Lawyer Would Like to Pick Your Brain, Please - See document

2007-04-02   SCO's motion to depose PJ - See document  More  More  [PDFs]
2007-07-02   A Lawyer Would Like to Pick Your Brain Once Again - See document
2007-10-28   A Lawyer Wishes to Pick Your Brain- Re Media Sentry - See document  More  More

2008-05-15   Berkman Center at 10 Conference Opening Remarks  [YouTube]
2008-09-25   Thoughts on Joel Tenenbaum’s Deposition
2008-10-29   Charles Nesson to Argue Copyright Theft Deterrence Act Unconstitutional  [PDF]  More
2008-12-12   Creative Commons: Accomplishments and discerning futures - See document  [YouTube]

2009-01-05   Harvard Lawyer Charles Nesson and Students Fighting the RIAA  [PDF]  More  More
2009-07-06   Charles Nesson's Recording Activities  [PDF]  More
2009-08-01   Student fined $675,000 in music download case - See document  More
2009-10-23   Joel Tenenbaum has a Fair Use Defense

2011-09-16   Song Download Damages Improperly Reduced, Appeals Court Says - See document

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