Berkman Center - Lawrence Lessig

1992-05-17   Apple programmer - See document

1994-01-07   Law and Computers - See document  More

1995-07-27   Interstate Commerce - See document

1996-01-06   Apple Adjustable Keyboard - See document
1996-02-27   Cyberspace law for nonlawyers - See document
1996-02-29   Artwork and TCP/IP connections - See document
1996-03-25   Cyberspace-Law - A free seminar on cyberlaw for nonlawyers - See document
1996-04-23   Duo Doc Upgrade Cover - See document
1996-06-xx   Reading the Constitution in Cyberspace - See document
1996-10-05   Cyberspace Free Speech Law for Non-Lawyers - See document
1996-10-22   New publication: CaseWatch - See document
1996-10-22   Quadra 650 12/230/CD - See document
1996-10-27   Java Programmer - See document
1996-11-18   Cyberspace Law Abstracts Service - See document

1997-08-25   Lawrence Lessig Appointed Professor of Law
1997-10-29   Date Book Print Out - See document
1997-12-12   Lessig Named Special Master of DoJ / MS Dispute
1997-12-22   Lawrence Lessig, PICS, Online Free Speech and Internet Law
1997-12-23   Microsoft Seeks Revocation of "Special Master" Process - See document  More  More

1998-02-02   Court Grants Microsoft Request to Halt Special Master Process - See document
1998-03-04   Lawrence Lessig Named First Berkman Professor
1998-09-25   Microsoft Judge May Seek Lessig's Views - See document
1998-10-10   Governance  [PDF]
1998-11-19   Jefferson's Nature  [PDF]

1999-01-12   Congressional Copyright Giveaway Claimed Unconstitutional
1999-02-05   Pain in the OS
1999-02-09   Code and the Commons  [PDF]
1999-02-16   Open Code and Open Societies  [PDF]
1999-03-05   Memo to the Leviathan
1999-03-26   The Microsoft Remedy: Reduction of copyright protection - See document  [PDF]  More  [YouTube]
1999-04-09   The Code Is the Law
1999-04-21   Copyright's Commons  More
1999-05-17   The Limits in Open Code  [PDF]
1999-05-20   Reclaiming a Commons  [PDF]
1999-06-24   Commons Law
1999-08-29   Copyright crusader
1999-11-01   Red Hat Center for Open Source - See document  More

2000-02-01   Amicus Brief in United States v. Microsoft  [PDF]
2000-02-21   Cyberspace Prosecutor  More
2000-05-22   Eric Eldred et al v Janet Reno  More  [PDFs]
2000-06-xx   Expert Report in A&M Records v. Napster  [PDF]
2000-06-01   Open Code and Open Societies  [PDF]
2000-06-05   A Letter to Bill
2000-06-19   The Limits of Copyright
2000-09-11   Red Hat Center, University of North Carolina launch - See document
2000-10-17   Red Hat Center Fact Sheet - See document  More  More
2000-11-28   Red Hat Center's grant funds public access to Cornell's Legal Information Institute - See document

2001-02-09   Center for the Public Domain (Red Hat Center) Funds Projects - See document
2001-02-16   Eric Eldred et al v Janet Reno District of Columbia Circuit Decision
2001-04-02   Eric Eldred et al v. John D. Ashcroft  [PDF]
2001-04-01   Center for the Public Domain - See document  More  More
2001-06-03   Center for the Public Domain Supported Organizations - See document  More
2001-10-01   Eric Eldred et al v. John D. Ashcroft  More  More  [PDFs]
2001-10-19 - See document
2001-11-09   Conference on the Public Domain - See video  [YouTube]  More  More
2001-11-10   The Architecture of Innovation - See video  [YouTube]
2001-11-10   Public Domain Activism, Roundtable - See video  [YouTube]
2001-11-29   Creativity, Commerce, & Culture: Lessig vs. Valenti - See document [YouTube]

2002-02-02   Public Knowledge - See document
2002-02-11   Lawrence Lessig plans a legal insurrection - See document
2002-02-19   Eldred, Eric, et al. v. Ashcroft, Attorney General, Certiorati Granted
2002-03-07   Update on the Center for the Public Domain - See document
2002-05-16   Creative Commons Announced - See document  More  More
2002-09-05   $1 million anonymous gift funds "The Center for the Study of the Public Domain" - See document
2002-09-22   The Cultural Anarchist vs. the Hollywood Police State - See document
2002-10-09   Supreme Court will hear arguments in Eldred v. Ashcroft - See document  More
2002-10-09   Creative Commons Applauds Eldred Vs. Ashcroft - See document
2002-10-10   Justices Hear Challenge to Copyright Law  More  More  More  More
2002-12-05   Introduction to Free Software, Free Society - See document

2003-01-16   Supreme Court Upholds Copyright Extension  More  PDFs:  More  More  More
2003-01-16   Losing - See document  More  More  [PDF]
2003-02-08   Lawrence Lessig Awarded the 2002 FSF Award - See document
2003-05-16   Help to counter pressure and to find a sponsor - See document
2003-06-16   Creative Commons Welcomes Joi Ito - See document
2003-08-04   Moglen on SCO’s FUD - See document
2003-07-13   William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Grant - See document
2003-12-04   More SCO fud, this time insulting the constitution - See document

2004-01-22   Darl FUDs again - See document  More
2004-04-12   Lawrence Lessig elected to FSF Board of Directors - See document
2004-04-22   Free Culture - See document  [PDF]
2004-08-23   Chapters 4, 5 of Free Culture - See document
2004-11-10   Creative Commons Poised for New Growth Phase - See document
2004-12-xx   Fair Use and Statutory Reform in the Wake of Eldred - See document  [PDF]

2005-03-11   Free Software Foundation Leadership - See document
2005-06-19   William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Grant - See document  More  More  More

2006-06-30   Creative Commons Adds Board Members - See document
2006-09-22   Free Software Foundation Leadership - See document
2006-10-17   Creative Commons Launches 2nd Annual Fundraising Campaign - See document
2006-12-18   Joi Ito Named Chairman of Creative Commons - See document

2007-10-11   Free Software Foundation Leadership - See document

2008-03-16   William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Grant - See document
2008-04-01   Creative Commons Announces New Leadership, New Funding - See document
2008-04-28   Free Software Foundation Leadership - See document
2008-12-12   Creative Commons: Accomplishments and discerning futures - See document  [YouTube]

2009-12-24   Defining the contours of freedom  [YouTube]  More

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