(a) 4/10/99: Email from Harvey Fineberg, Provost of Harvard. 

Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 08:01:04 -0400
Subject: Re: Fwd: May 20 gathering -- 
Sender: harvey_fineberg@harvard.edu
To: nesson@law.harvard.edu
From: harvey_fineberg@harvard.edu
Cc: clark@law.harvard.edu,

Please be aware that the Berkman Center is not authorized to sponsor the
formation of any new entity outside of Harvard. Sponsorship of any new
entity by a constituent part of Harvard can only be authorized by the
President and Fellows.
I urge you to discuss any ideas you may have about such new entities with
Bob Clark, whose approval would be a necessary step to gaining
consideration by the President and Fellows. I would be happy to discuss
this further with you and Dean Clark, if you and he would like.
At 08:56 AM 4/5/99 -0400, you wrote:
>>To: CyberProf@mail.law.utexas.edu
>>Reply-To: CyberProf@mail.law.utexas.edu
>>Fellow CyberProfs--
>>The Berkman Center is in the process of sponsoring the formation of an
>>independent non-profit entity comprising university and philanthropic
(b) Reply to Provost Harvey Fineberg
Okay. Will do.
Are you coming to the Banquet?
Regards from Fern
(c) Email to Dean Robert C. Clark
Pursuant to the Provost's email which I am forwarding to you, the Berkman 
Center hereby asks your permission and seeks your support to form in 
conjunction with other philanthropic and educational institutions the 
nonprofit corporation styled h2o. We are proposing formation of an entity 
independent of the Berkman Center so that other educational and 
phinlathropic communities can participate with us as partners.
h2o seeks to promote and support a vibrant opencode community to make a 
commons in cyberspace a reality. 
Our supporting documentation and unfolding process of discussion and 
resolution is at http://opencode.org . 
You should, of course, feel free to call or meet.

[Robert C. Clark is Dean of Harvard Law. Marc Goodheart and Beverly 
are assistants to the President of Harvard.] 

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