About Weblogs At Harvard

By Dave Winer

September 12, 2003

Welcome. This is the place where we point to the developments in the developing World O'Weblogs at Harvard University. You won't find any biting commentary here, or insightful ideas, or even logical breakthoughs, our job is to help you do that, and help spread the word about your accomplishments. We're studying weblogs and evangelizing them. We're excited about how this technology might be used in all the activities of the university, for faculty, administration, students, alumni, staff.

Who can create a weblog?

Anyone who has a harvard.edu email address can create one. For now, we have to create the site for you. And for the next few weeks as we get the site ready, we'll probably ask you to wait. However if you have a pressing need, please post a note in the discussion group [ http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/discuss/ ] here, or if the request must be private, send it to blogs.harvard at eon.law.harvard.edu.

Eventually we hope to have the site creation process totally automatic and perhaps tie it into the Harvard authentication system.

Is this site open?

Well, of course it is, but what does that mean?

In this context open means we're going to share what we learn, so other educational institutions can learn from our experience. We hope others will do the same, that the spirit of the Web will infuse all our efforts. It works best when we work together. That's a key part of our philosophy.

Are there rules?

Yes, there are.

What are they?

We're working on it. We want to be sure that all activities on Harvard-hosted weblogs are respectful of Harvard, and don't exist for the purpose of promoting a product, or political cause or candidate.

Of course the people who create and run weblogs are encourged to review products they like (or don't), to express and exchange their opinions, political or otherwise. That's what the Web is for. But these weblogs may not be used to in any way to convey an endorsement by Harvard University of any product, political party, or anything particular at all. Much in the same way you couldn't use Harvard telephones to run a telemarketing operation, there are limits to how you can use a Harvard weblog.

One of our first tasks is to quantify this and define it, in a set of rules. By posting this perhaps a discussion can take place about what are appropriate constraints for Harvard-hosted weblogs.

Who are the editors of this site?

Two people are primarily responsible for this site -- Donna Wentworth [ http://www.corante.com/copyfight/ ] and Dave Winer [ http://www.scripting.com/ ]. Donna is the Web Publications Editor at the Berkman Center at Harvard Law School. Dave is a Fellow at the Berkman Center. If you have questions about editorial policies on this site, or have a technical question, please post a message in the discussion group for the site.

Do I have to use this software for my Harvard weblog?

No. You may use any software you like. We will happily include your weblog in the directory of Harvard weblogs that's just getting started. You do not need to use this software.

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