Exemplar Chooses MedAbiliti for HIPAA Compliance

NEW YORK -- NEW YORK, April 14, 2003 /PRNewswire/ -- MedAbiliti has been chosen to conduct all HIPAA compliance auditing, analysis and training for Exemplar International, Inc.

MedAbiliti specializes in HIPAA compliance consulting and training, network security architecture / design and software engineering development services.

Exemplar International, , markets occupational health and medical assessment products and services nationally, including data management, substance abuse, on-site medical evaluation, wellness and related health management services and programs and is the first company to provide a comprehensive web-based service environment for all of a company's occupational health needs.

"This is a challenging HIPAA project," said Nicolas Richards, CEO of MedAbiliti. "Exemplar has two main offices with constant communication, a network of hundreds of remote data administrators, plus sophisticated data exchanges with third party medical centers. With our national reach, and our experience with HIPAA standards, MedAbiliti will be able to assist Exemplar in enhancing its privacy and security practices. MedAbiliti's commitment to structured practices and standards allows us to handle even a complicated assignment such as this."

HIPAA established a national standard for medical record privacy and security to ensure personal health data is properly protected when stored or transmitted electronically. It requires ongoing HIPAA compliance auditing, analysis, training, and record-keeping on the part of hospitals, nursing homes, health plans, employer-sponsored health benefits plans, health insurers, managed care organizations, medical billing companies, health registries, and health care providers. Business associates also must comply with certain requirements under HIPAA as a precondition of doing business with covered entities.

"Exemplar's web-based occupational health test reporting service is unique," said Richards. "So their HIPAA compliance needs are unique as well. The seriousness of the task of making sure that the privacy, integrity and availability of health data in their possession be protected cannot be overstated. It's a trust that we take seriously at MedAbiliti."

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