Novell's Chris Stone Will Not Speak at Harvard Feb. 23 - Moglen Will

By Pamela Jones

February 12 2004

I received the following from Harvard's Journal of Law & Technology's Editor:
"Due to concerns regarding litigation filed by SCO after our invitation for Mr. Stone to speak was issued, Novell's General Counsel has informed us that Novell Vice Chairman Chris Stone will be unable to come speak to JOLT on Feb 23rd.

"Instead, the Harvard Journal of Law and Technology is pleased to welcome our third speaker of the year: Eben Moglen, Professor of Law and Legal History at Columbia Law School in New York. Professor Moglen is General Counsel of the Free Software Foundation, and a leading spokesperson for open source and free software."

It starts at 6:30 PM, at Harvard Law School, Room TBD. As of now, they are still planning to have it available live over the web. Meanwhile, here is their page on Professor Moglen [ ]

What it means is very likely they noticed that a page of a transcript of McBride's speech there ended up being handed to the judge last Friday as Exhibit 5 [ ], and very effectively too, by IBM. It's not unreasonable to keep your mouth shut when you are in the middle of a lawsuit, which Novell is now.

You might also be interested in another event at Harvard on March 19-20, a JOLT Symposium 2004 [ ] on "Evolving Media: Emerging Distribution Technologies, and the Legal Response", described like this:

"The Symposium will explore how technological innovation and the digitization of print and broadcast media are impacting media production, the ownership and control of media distribution channels, and consumer access and choice."

11:10 PM EST

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