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This page is dedicated to the publication of articles related to the important legal and technical issues of the day in the computer software industry. Many of these articles are written by Lewis A. Mettler. However, everyone is welcome to prepare their own articles and submit them for publication. No article will be refused on the basis of the position taken nor views expressed. Articles published elsewhere on the internet will be linked via their URL. Articles written by someone other than the submitter may be reviewed but publication or linking is at the option of the moderator. Articles submitted by the author will always be published subject only to proper form and appropriate substance.

Support those individuals and organizations that foster open and fair computer software markets

There are a number of individuals and organizations that act to encourage and maintain open and fair computer software markets. And, there are some that just pay lip service to the idea but in fact only support a single or dominant corporate interest.

The following organizations have been found to favor open and fair markets. I personally encourage you to frequent their web sites, support their efforts and join their organizations. The effort represented by this web site also needs support over the long haul in order to be maintained. The out of pocket costs to put up a web site are truly insignificant. However, the time and effort required to maintain the site and prepare meaningful material can be enormous. (If you think not, you have not read the entire web site yet.) It is for the ongoing support of the latter than your support here is solicited and your direction to other organizations is provided as well.

Computer and Communications Industry Association [ http://www.ccianet.org/index.php3 ]

ProComp [ http://www.procompetition.org/ ]

Consumer Federation of America [ http://www.consumerfed.org/ ]

Consumers For Computer Choice and Open Platform Working Group

Consumer Project on Technology

NetAction and Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

The Progress & Freedom Foundation

Software & Information Industry Association

None of the support you decide upon here will be directed to any of the above sites. You will need to contact them directly. And, I urge you to do so.

The following list provides a suggested level of support for this web site. You can specify any dollar amount you want when you click on "Donate". This is not a membership or subscription. Neither does it establish any special relationship such as attorney-client or any other. (Any article you wish to submit will be published regardless of your viewpoint.) Your contribution will encourage an on-going effort to secure open and fair markets for all computer software.

Individual Consumer $25
Journalist $50
Independent Developer $100
Industry Association $250
Corporation $500 (not in the industry)
Venture Capitalist $750
Corporation $1,000 (in the industry)


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Career Opportunities

No, I am not offering jobs on the internet.

Rather I am searching for them.

I am looking for career opportunities that will enable me to apply my professional talents in the support of one or more high technology companies.

It does not have to be a legal position.

I have been developing software for desktop use by individuals for almost 30 years now. (Some even claim that is not possible. But, it is.)

If you are interested in opening a dialog on how I may be able to help your organization, company or law firm; by all means send me an email and I will be glad to forward a complete resume.

In the meantime, I will do what I can to return fair and open competition to the computer software industry. (All of it. Not just some markets.)

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