Grokdoc - Request for Info

by Pamela Jones

May 22 2004

I have a request for help with the Grokdoc project, which we hope to launch late next week. You could save me some time if you would list some information for me.

I want to create pages, so that when you go to input your research results, you can put it in the right bucket to be able to find it categorized later. So, first, you will be offered a list by functions we will be testing: email, letter writing and printing of a letter, surfing the Internet, firewall. Then, we want to break it down, so you tell us what you were using, as in Red Hat, Mandrake, Knoppix, Gentoo, etc. and which release. Then we need a list of all the email applications so you can choose the one you used in the test; all the letter writing applications, etc. For each distribution, we need to break down the categories.

This is where you come in. If everyone would please tell me in a comment what distribution you know about, listing all the email applications available in that vendor's distribution, all the letter-writing apps, all the browsers, all the firewalls -- it would speed things up mightily.

Please tell me your options in your installation and all the versions you know exist. Thanks!

05:43 PM EDT

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