Next, the Baton is Passed to Dan Lyons

by PJ

May 11 2005

It seems the baton is being passed to Dan Lyons. It's his turn next to attack Groklaw, I gather. Here is James Turner of LinuxWorld's account [ ] of their conversation, and from the tone, Turner seems to believe Lyons intends yet another hate-Groklaw piece.

Also, Sys-Con is reportedly removing every article of O'Gara's and all traces of coverage of SCO. There goes all the evidence, including the evidence of who placed those phony, bogus comments allegedly from "PJ", from "Daniel Wallace", etc. You already know who I think they really were.

According to Lyons, Sys-Con has been DDos'd. I think they are more likely Slashdotted, but if there is anyone out there doing that, don't.

I believe, as I wrote on Saturday in a comment, that O'Gara wrote what she did to inspire a reaction that would be over the top, so the dark side could charge the FOSS community with being extreme, among other motives. Of course, they are the true extremists. Groklaw has been DDos'd too, by the way. You've seen us fall off the Internet from time to time. At the time, it seemed to me it always happened when a particularly important story was published, but I also knew that such attacks happen to everyone on the Internet and that it wouldn't be fair to make such an accusation without proof. I know the dark side will have no such ethical compunctions.

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