Please Come back PJ

By moosie

March 07 2007

If you need help setting something up in the Cayman Islands, let me know. SCOX
cannot touch you there.

We miss you.

Hope you get better soon.

- moosie.

"Look here brother, who you jivin' with that cosmic debris" - Frank Zappa

02:45 AM EST

Please Come back PJ

By Anonymous

March 07 2007

So we have devolved to guessing about authorship of articles here on the
supposedly most authoritative voice/source for legal news on the struggle
against domination/destruction of the OS movement by well-helled sources, who
find the community troublesome to their attempts at monopoly?

Guys, call me a curmudgeon and PITA if you like, but the truth is the truth,
even if inconvenient. And the truth is, people need to attribute their sources
and their authorship to mainline articles. PJ needs to come clean on her

If the aim of the dark forces was to squelch her, looks like they have to be
pretty pleased right about now.

I am reminded of Monty Python...

" away, run away... it's got HUGE nasty teeth...

"What's he do, nibble your bum?"

"He's got huge, sharp-- eh-- he can leap about-- look at the bones!"

08:19 PM EST

Please Come back PJ

By Peter H. Salus

March 07 2007

While I admit to wanting to hear from/read stuff by PJ,
I am quite repelled by the number of "Anonymous" authors
who are eager to see her outed.

I have no reason to disbelieve her statements and many
reasons to doubt the bonae fides of those who find it
necessary to veil their comments.

Peter H. Salus

08:27 PM EST

Please Come back PJ

By Anonymous

March 07 2007

The article reads like it was written by PJ.

Welcome back, glad you're feeling better.

12:08 PM EST

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