I miss PJ, hope she's feeling well!

By Anonymous

March 16 2007

Off topic, but I miss PJ; I hope she's recovering well and will be back soon. I
miss her articles.

Best wishes from Canada PJ!
James Conlon.

11:41 AM EDT

Thank you all


March 17 2007

I'm not yet fully back. So there is a group of
folks helping out. They do the heavy lifting, then
I take a look and make any changes before we
post. Groklaw is a group effort, and it always
has been in connection with news finds and legal
and technical research. Now it's more
so editorially, because I can't do it all at the
moment. But now that I'm partly back, I am
the editor with final say. I am very grateful
to the group, because without them, Groklaw would
have to go into suspension for a while.

I'll let you know when I'm fully back.
But isn't it nice to know that no matter what
happens to me, Groklaw continues chugging right

03:24 AM EDT

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