Patent Office Has Stopped Examining Patents with 25+ Claims

Dennis Crouch

Oct 16, 2007

Those of you following your docket through the PTO’s PAIR system may note that the Office has begun its ‘identification process’ of unexamined patents with either (1) more than 25 claims issued or (2) more than 5 independent claims. The docket report shows:

According to a telephone conversation with the Office of the Commissioner for Patents, these cases have been pulled from Examiner dockets because they exceed the 5/25 limit and are thus-far unexamined.  We will be able to do a retrospective in Mid-November to estimate the number of cases impacted by this pre-rule activity.  Of course, this appears to be a de facto implementation of the new rules prior to the stated November 1 effective date.

In other news:

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