Data Security

1983-11-30   Public Key Crypto-Systems

1984-09-16   Export controls

1986-09-22   DES sources  More
1986-10-03   There are basically no export controls on public domain information

1987-01-09   Keywords
1987-04-01   UUCP traffic monitoring
1987-04-29   Privacy Enhancement for Internet Electronic Mail
1987-07-31   FidoNet proposal for public key email encryption
1987-10-26   Export control does not apply to publicly available software

1988-02-16   Distribution of sensitive software like DES
1988-04-13   Long-distance monitoring

1989-01-26   Sending mail to fidonet - See document  More
1989-03-24   Apple versus Microsoft - See document
1989-06-28   Ralph Merkle's new cryptosystems
1989-07-10   MT UUCP - See document
1989-07-13   "A Software Encryption Function" now published and available  More
1989-07-25   Theoretical foundation for S-boxes
1999-08-09   Paper on Codes Is Sent Despite US Objections
1989-08-17   Digital signatures for virus protection
1989-08-25   Privacy Enhancement for Internet Electronic Mail

1990-01-06   Interception of e-mail  More
1990-07-12   Drug tests - See document
1990-08-17   Crypto '90 update  More
1990-08-17   NIST public key standards, NSA, PK Partners  More
1990-10-02   Successors to DES

1991-01-02   NSA focus on authentication
1991-01-11   Computers, Freedom & Privacy Conference  More  More  More
1991-01-12   Public Key Standards and Licenses
1991-05-16   rpem: Privacy Enhanced Mail/public key program  More  More  More
1991-06-05   PGP RSA Public Key Cryptography  More  [PDFs]
1991-06-06   Pretty Good Privacy  More  More  More  More
1991-06-10   Statement in Support of Communications Privacy
1991-06-21   PKCS: Public-Key Cryptography Standards
1991-06-26   PGP/RSA licensing  More
1991-06-27   NIST announces public-key signature standard
1991-07-07   Public key scheme
1991-07-11   PD big integer package
1991-07-27   PGP encryption package online
1991-08-28   PGP is available on the Internet
1991-11-01   Cryptography, Standards, and Public Policy discussions
1991-11-19   Comments on DSS

1992-01-16   Pretty Good Privacy  More
1992-03-03   RSA Laboratories announces RSAREF free cryptographic toolkit
1992-06-28   Public Key scheme
1992-09-07   PGP 2.0  PDFs: More  More  More  More
1992-09-18   Public Key for the Rest Of Us
1992-10-26   A Trial Balloon to Ban Encryption
1992-11-04   RSA marketing weakness or lack of demand
1992-11-06   Encryption problem  More
1992-11-16   Hackers Conference Report and Crypto
1992-11-17   PGP and real criminals
1992-11-26   NSA FOIA suit over "classified" documents
1992-12-09   PGP 2.1  More
1992-12-12   PKP/RSA comments on PGP legality  More

1993-01-06   RSAREF and RIPEM now available via anonymous FTP
1993-01-07   Mathematical cryptography problems and PGP ver.2.0  More  More
1993-02-16   Key Revocation Problems
1993-03-07   PGP 2.2  More
1993-04-19   Fighting the Clipper Initiative
1993-05-xx   Crypto Rebels
1993-06-17   PGP 2.3  More  More
1993-08-25   Commercial version of PGP
1993-09-01   BSAFE 2.0 Announced  More  More  More  More
1993-09-17   PGP Customs investigation subpoena  More  More  More  More  More  More
1993-10-10   Zimmermann testimony to House subcommittee
1993-10-14   Suggestions for improvements of PGP
1993-11-01   RSA Announces New Version of TIPEM
1993-11-01   ViaCrypt PGP 2.4  More
1993-11-16   Revised versions of PKCS available
1993-12-12   RSA Data Security Conference schedule

1994-03-15   Exportable RIPEM/SIG Available
1994-04-30   Popularity Overseas Of Encryption Code Has the US Worried
1994-05-09   MIT releases PGP 2.5  More
1994-05-24   MIT releases PGP 2.6  More
1994-07-21   BSAFE 2.1, the Cryptographer's Toolkit
1994-09-13   RC4 Source Code  More  More  More  More
1994-09-22   RSA Data Security Conference
1994-11-29   Zimmermann interrogated without counsel
1994-12-14   Zimmermann Defense Fund Appeal  More

1995-02-08   Zimmermann's defense team meets with Assistant U.S. Attorney
1995-04-30   MIT Press publishes Zimmermann's PGP User's Guide
1995-09-13   RSA Licenses to Spyglass
1995-12-16   Zimmermann Defense Fund Appeal

1996-01-11   Zimmermann case is dropped  More
1996-03-19   ViaCrypt PGP 4.0
1996-05-17   Zimmermann trying to retrieve rights to PGP from ViaCrypt
1996-07-01   Pretty Good Privacy Acquires Lemcom Systems and its Subsidiary ViaCrypt
1996-12-09   Pretty Good Privacy Announces PGPmail 4.5
1996-12-16   McAfee Introduces PCCrypto

1997-06-06   Phil Zimmermann on PGP 5.0 plans  More
1997-12-01   Network Associates Acquires Pretty Good Privacy
1997-12-04   PGP for Personal Privacy 5.5  More

1999-07-29   USA urges ban on encryption products over the Internet  More
1999-11-01   Red Hat Center for Open Source - See document  More

2000-09-11   Red Hat Center, University of North Carolina launch - See document
2000-10-17   Red Hat Center Fact Sheet - See document  More  More
2000-11-28   Red Hat Center's grant funds public access to Cornell's Legal Information Institute - See document

2001-02-09   Center for the Public Domain (formerly Red Hat Center) Funds Projects - See document
2001-04-01   Center for the Public Domain - See document  More  More  More  More
2001-10-19 - See document
2001-11-09   Conference on the Public Domain - See document  More

2002-02-02   Public Knowledge - See document
2002-03-07   Update on the Center for the Public Domain - See document
2002-09-05   $1 million anonymous gift funds "The Center for the Study of the Public Domain" - See document

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