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Subject: Re: DES sources
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Date: Mon, 14-Jul-86 03:15:25 EDT
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Posted: Mon Jul 14 03:15:25 1986
Date-Received: Mon, 14-Jul-86 19:29:34 EDT
References: <5705@think.COM>
Organization: Nebula Consultants in San Francisco
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I have uploaded a copy of "DES_PC.C" from the Cryptography BBS in
the DC area (yes, Virginia, 703 area code is very close to DC).
It doesn't compile yet on Unix.  Once it does and I have verified 
that it really does DES, I'll post it to mod.sources.

If you need it in a hurry, get it from the BBS (see previous msg
from me in net.crypt).
John Gilmore  {sun,ptsfa,lll-crg,ihnp4}!hoptoad!gnu
		     May the Source be with you!