BSAFE 2.0 Announced

New Security Toolkit Supports Export-Approved Encryption

Redwood City, California -- September 1, 1992 -- RSA Data Security has announced the availability of a new computer security toolkit, BSAFE 2.0 which supports encryption algorithms recently specified by the U.S. State Department for a "fast track" export approval. The "Fast Track" program was established at the urging of the Software Publishers Association, whose members sought a secure alternative to the highly restricted Digital Encryption Standard (DES). Software vendors and end users can now develop single worldwide versions of application software containing security.

The encryption algorithms approved for export are called RC2 and RC4; both were developed at RSA Data Security. RC2 is a symmetric block cipher often used as DES replacement. RC4 is a symmetric stream based cipher used in continuous encryption applications.

BSAFE 2.0 supports both these algorithms plus the well-known public key cryptographic routines. Public Key design provides each user with 2 related but separate keys, one public and one private. Public Key cryptography is unique in that it provides capabilities for both secrecy and authentication.

"The release of this toolkit, coupled with U.S. government's improved attitude towards encryption issues, opens the way for new levels of computing security," said Jim Bidzos, President of RSA Data Security, Inc. "First, BSAFE 2.0 makes it easier than ever to integrate security technologies onto software applications. Further, the government is finally giving to U.S. users of security software nearly the same level of international access that others have."

BSAFE 2.0 also contains a number of additional improvements over its predecessor. Most important among these are adherence to the Public Key Cryptographic Standards, published late last year by an industry consortium. PKCS is fully compatible with ISO and Internet standards. "We are exited about the industry movement towards standards and open computing" added Mr. Bidzos. "PKCS will insure interoperability among products using public key cryptography."

BSAFE 2.0, RC2, and RC4 are available in object code versions for DOS, Windows, Mac OS, UNIX and other platforms. Source code can also be purchased. RSA products may be licensed for resale in integrated products or may be used on a site license basis. Single user versions of BSAFE 2.0 sell for $450.

RSA Data Security, Inc. is a ten year old company providing cryptographic and security software. Its foundation technology, the patented RSA Public Key Cryptography, was originally developed at MIT, in the late 1970's. Among the company's licensees are Apple Computer, Microsoft, Lotus, Novell, IBM, WordPerfect, AT&T, Sun, and Digital Equipment Corporation. The company is privately and closely held, and is based in Redwood City, California.