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From: (Burt Kaliski)
Subject: 1994 RSA Data Security Conference schedule
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Thursday and Friday both feature two concurrent tracks of talks: you
can mix and match from either track.

Please INDICATE the classes you plan to attend and fax these pages to
RSA at 415/595-1873 (phone: 415/595-8782). Be sure to include a cover
sheet with your name and company.


Deadline for class selection is December 17th.

Tuesday Evening, January 11
7:00 PM
Cocktail Reception

Wednesday, January 12
9:00 AM
Jim Bidzos, President, RSA Data Security, Inc.

9:15 AM
William Murray, Deloitte & Touche

10:00 AM
New Product Announcements
General Magic: Chris Moore, Manager of Partners & Licensing
Hewlett-Packard: Jim Schindler, Security Program Director
National Semiconductor: Walter Curtis, Vice President

10:45 AM
Integrated Systems Security
Apple: Pierre LeClerq, System 7 Pro Product Marketing Manager
Lotus: Representative TBA
McCaw Cellular: Mark Taylor, Director of System Development
Microsoft: Representative TBA
Novell: Kevin Kingdon, Consulting Software Engineer NetWare 4.0

12:15 PM

1:15 PM
Voice and Fax Security
AT&T: David Maher, Chief Scientist, Secure Communications
Motorola: Paul Lambert, Principal Engineer, Motorola Secure Telecommunications
Cycomm: Representative TBA

2:15 PM
Cryptographer's Expert Panel (Q&A)
Dr. Ron Rivest, Massachussetts Institute of Technology
Dr. Len Adleman, University of Southern California
Dr. Burton S. Kaliski, Jr., Chief Scientist, RSA Laboratories
Dr. Taher ElGamal, Director of Engineering, RSA Data Security, Inc.
Dr. Peter Neumann, Principle Scientist, SRI International
Dr. Martin Hellman, Stanford University

3:15 PM

4:00 PM
NSA, NIST and Directions in National Crypto Policy
National Security Agency: Clint Brooks, Special Assistant to the Director
NIST: Lynn McNulty, Director
NIST: Dennis Branstad, Computer Scientist

Thursday, January 13th

9:00 AM
Overview of Encryption Standards &
The Public Key Cryptography Standards
Dr. Burt Kaliski and Steve Dusse, RSA

10:00 AM
Public Key Standards in the Banking Industry: X9F1
Richard Ankney, X9F1 Co-Chair

10:45 PM
Digital Signatures, EDI and the Law
Michael Baum, Esq., Independent Monitoring
Addison Fischer, President, Fischer International

12:00 Noon

1:00 PM
Certificates & Internet PEM
Dr. Steve Kent, BBN Communications

1:45 PM
RSA's Certificate Services Center
George Parsons, RSA CSC Manager

2:30 PM

3:00 PM
Cryptography, Society & Individual Freedom
CPSR: David Sobel, Head Counsel
Electronic Frontier Foundation: Danny Weitzner,
Sr. Counsel

3:45 PM
Commercial Implementations of
Cryptographically Secure Timestamping
Scott Stornetta, Cryptologist, BELLCORE

4:30 PM
ACM Crypto Policy Report Update
SRI International: Dr. Peter Neumann


9:00 AM
Introduction to Public Key Technology
Kurt Stammberger, RSA

10:00 AM
Developing with TIPEM 1.1, RSA's Toolkit for Interoperable Privacy-Enhanced Messaging
Jeff Thompson, Chief Architect, RSA

12:00 Noon

1:00 PM
Developing with BSAFE 2.0,
RSA's General-Purpose Cryptography Toolkit
Steve Dusse, Crypto Systems Architect, RSA

3:00 PM
Migrating Applications to the Public Key Cryptography Standards (PKCS)
Steve Dusse


1:00 PM to 6:00 PM
IEEE Working Group: P1363
Not a tutorial, but an actual open working IEEE meeting for definition
of IEEE standards for RSA, Diffie-Hellman and related Public Key

Friday, January 14th


9:00 AM
Internetwork Security
Hughes Aircraft: Jim Zamuda, Sr. Systems Engineer
ANS CO+RE Systems, Al Hoover, VP Marketing Semaphore: Mark Vondemkamp, VP Engineering

10:30 AM
Secure Forms and WorkFlow Automation Products
BLOC: Peter Preksto, VP Forms Automation Systems
Fischer International: Addison Fischer, President
Delrina: Representative TBA, FormFlow

12:00 Noon

1:00 PM
Large Scale RSA Implementation Projects
Motorola: Peter Browne, Director of InfoSecurity
Bankers Trust: Steve Weiss, Vice President
Lawrence Livermore Labs: Bob Frank, ECP Director

1:45 PM
(Audience Q&A)

2:15 PM
Electronic Mail & Remote Access Security
Hilgraeve: Matthew Gray, President
Datamedia: Frederick Gluck, Director of Marketing
Enterprise Solutions: Roger James, Director of Marketing
Trusted Information Systems: Steve Crocker, Vice President

3:15 PM

3:30 PM
National Semiconductor:: Walter Curtis, Vice President
SmartDisk: Paul Barret, President

4:30 PM
Kerberos Extension with RSA
Jim Overby, Dir of Development, Arkhon Technologies
Dr. Daniel Webb, Director, OCSG


9:00 AM
Cryptography and Export Control
Kurt Stammberger, RSA

9:45 AM
Advances in Factoring, Factoring Challenge Update
Dr. Ron Rivest, MIT

10:30 AM
Public Key and Copyright & Intellectual
Property Protection
Dr. Burton S. Kaliski, Jr., RSA Labs

11:15 AM
RSA Technology Announcement: The Arcade Project
Dr. Matthew J.B. Robshaw, RSA Labs

12:00 Noon

1:00 PM
Clipper, Capstone and Fair Cryptography:
A Technical View
Paul Fahn, RSA Labs

2:00 PM
High-Speed RSA Implementation
Dr. Cetin Koc, Oregon State University

3:00 PM
Recent Attacks on the DES Algorithm
Dr. Martin Hellman, Stanford University

4:00 PM
Advances in Digital Cash Technology
Dr. David Chaum, DigiCash

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