McAfee Introduces PCCrypto

First Desktop Encryption Utility To Provide High - End Performance, Affordability, And Ease-Of-Use

Strong Encryption Capabilities Now Available to Mainstream Desktop Computer Users

SANTA CLARA, CALIF. (December 16, 1996) -- McAfee (Nasdaq: MCAF) today extended its family of desktop security software with the introduction of PCCrypto, the industry's first desktop encryption product to combine high-end technology with an easy-to-use, point-and-click interface. PCCrypto's encryption is so powerful, McAfee estimates it would take one trillion super computers, which could each test a trillion keys per second, about 463 trillion centuries to break a PCCrypto code.

Encryption software ensures information privacy by allowing users to encode their data so it can only be read by the person for whom it is intended. PCCrypto provides high-end encryption technology at an affordable price, allowing computer users to secure both their desktop data and their Internet/intranet email communications.

"Sending confidential data over the corporate network or through the Internet is analogous to sending a postcard in the mail," said Wes Wasson, encryption product manager at McAfee. "Many people have access to reading your private information before it is received by the intended viewer. In addition, sensitive files stored on a user's hard drive are especially vulnerable to anyone who has physical access to your computer, including co-workers and laptop thieves."

PCCrypto Allows Corporate and Home Users to Send Secure Files to Anyone

One of the biggest unrecognized problems with traditional desktop encryption products is that they require the user to know what type of encryption software the recipient is using. With PCCrypto, users can send their private information to any Windows user they choose, even if the recipient does not have PCCrypto installed. The only requirement of the user on the receiving end is a password, which is supplied by the sender. Once a user receives an encrypted PCCrypto file, they simply double-click the file, enter the password, and it opens.

PCCrypto Raises the Bar on Personal Data Protection

Features McAfee
Your Eyes Only
Secure self-extracting encrypted files Yes No Yes No
Clipboard copy/paste to encrypt/decrypt data Yes No No No
LZ77 data compression before encryption Yes No No No
File wipe/erase utility Yes No No No
Largest encryption key size 160-bit Blowfish 128-bit Blowfish 128-bit RC4 128-bit IDEA

PCCrypto Provides Exceptional Useability Without Compromising Security

PCCrypto's unique Windows interface has a tabbed notebook layout that provides end-users with exceptional ease-of-use. Users simply click on a notebook tab to select their next action, such as encrypting or decrypting a file.

To secure data, PCCrypto utilizes the 160-bit Blowfish encryption algorithm which was developed by world-renowned cryptographer, Bruce Schneier. Blowfish is well known for providing maximum strength and speed. To put the strength of this technology into perspective, a single-bit algorithm has only two possible combinations, 0 and 1. For each additional bit, the combinations double. A 160-bit algorithm has 10^48 (10 to the 48th power) combinations.

Pricing and Availability

PCCrypto is now shipping and has a suggested retail price of $65.00 and an estimated street price of $49.00. The product supports Windows NT, Windows 95 and Windows 3.x. Users can download the product from McAfee's web site at for a free 30-day evaluation. Downloaded versions are identical to shrink-wrapped versions and contain no time-bombs.

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