Digital Video - DVD

1995-01-24   Manufacturers and Entertainment Companies Propose High Density Optical Disc Specifications
1995-02-27   Toshiba Supports Digital Video Disc Business with New Organization
1995-03-14   First public demonstration of dual-layer CD technology by Sony and Philips  More
1995-04-27   Super Density DVD Alliance Adopts 9 Gigabyte Matsushita Technology as Extension of SD Platform
1995-05-03   Requirements For Future High-Capacity Compact-Disc Format Announced By Computer Industry
1995-09-15   Sony embraces new high density CD  More  More
1995-09-25   OSTA Accepts Industry-Wide Charter To Develop Universal Disc Format For High-Density CD
1995-12-08   High-density format group adopts digital video disc as name of new technology

1996-01-04   Toshiba Introduces First-Ever Line of DVD Players
1996-04-22   A Day at the DVD Forum: technical notes
1996-09-19   Toshiba Introduces LSI Chip-Set for DVD Video Player
1996-09-26   Toshiba Announces DVD-Video Player, DVD-ROM, Decoder Board  More  More  More
1996-10-29   Copyright Protection Technical Working Group Announces DVD Encryption - See document
1996-11-19   Toshiba Announces First DVD-ROM Drive

1997-01-06   Microsoft Outlines DVD Support  More  More
1997-03-24   Creative Introduces PC-DVD Kit  More  More
1997-04-08   Sigma Designs Ships DVD/MPEG-2 Evaluation Boards  More  More  More  More
1997-04-11   DVD Forum Announces DVD Interim Format/Logo licensing  More
1997-05-30   Toshiba's DVD Developer's Platform
1997-09-08   Divx Enhances Digital Video - See document  More  More  More
1997-09-xx   Licensing Requirements for the CSS DVD Copy Protection Method - See document  [PDF]
1997-09-29   Toshiba Launches Compact DVD-Video Player
1997-10-20   Six Companies Announce Joint DVD Patent Licensing Program
1997-12-05   DVD Forum Holds First General Meeting
1997-12-16   Microsoft and Toshiba Work Together to Enable DVD

1998-03-10   Creative Drives PC-DVD Into The Mainstream  More  More  [PDF]
1998-03-24   Sigma Designs Announces Single-Chip REALmagic DVD/MPEG-2 Decoder  More  More
1998-05-28   Toshiba releases new generation of DVD-ROM drives
1998-05-29   DVD Forum Steering Committee Welcomes Seven New Companies
1998-07-16   IBM & NEC to to Prevent Illegal Copying of Digital Video Discs - See document
1998-07-28   DVD Forum Holds U.S. DVD Conference in San Francisco in October
1998-12-15   DVD and Microsoft Operating Systems

1999-03-31   Creative Labs Introduces PC-DVD Entertainment Solutions
1999-06-11   DVD Patent Licensing Program Announced by Six Companies
1999-07-xx   Copy Protection for DVD Video - See document  [PDF]
1999-08-02   Toshiba introduces drive combining CD-R/RW read and write with DVD read
1999-09-20   Sigma Designs Launches REALmagic Decoder for Consumer Applications
1999-10-04   Red Hat DVD support
1999-10-19   DVD 101  [YouTube]

2000-04-10   Apple Acquires DVD Authoring Technology, Products and Engineering Team From Astarte
2000-04-14   DVD Originators Establish DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation
2000-07-18   Toshiba Starts Mass Production of 16X-Speed DVD-ROM Drive

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