Apple's QuickTime Begins Shipping

Cupertino, Calif. -- December 10, 1991 -- PRNewswire -- Apple Computer Inc. today announced it will make available QuickTime 1.0 to developers and customers this month. QuickTime, the first extension to Macintosh System 7, allows third-party developers to integrate dynamic data -- such as sound, video and animation -- in a consistent, seamless fashion across all applications.

QuickTime, announced in June of this year, allows all applications to integrate dynamic data. Apple expects that any Macintosh application that supports graphics today will soon support these new data types.

QuickTime provides breakthrough functionality and offers a standard platform for all Macintosh development, enabling developers to not only extend the capabilities of current applications, but to also create entirely new categories of applications. These new categories include videoconferencing, dynamic documents, just-in-time training, low-cost video editing, and dynamic CD-ROM magazines.

The QuickTime architecture consists of four major components: system software, file formats, Apple Compressors, and Human Interface Standards. These components form a software architecture that is extensible, open, and offers cross-platform standards for dynamic data exchange. Distribution and Pricing:

Apple has licensed QuickTime version 1.0 to Macintosh developers to include with their new "QuickTime Savvy" products. Hardware or software products that take advantage of QuickTime are considered "QuickTime Savvy." Apple anticipates many of these new products to be announced at the MACWORLD Conference and Exposition in San Francisco in January. Future versions of QuickTime will be packaged and sold as part of future versions of System 7. In addition, Apple USA will make the QuickTime system extension available to customers in January for a nominal shipping and handling charge. In the interim, the QuickTime extension will be available in the United States via electronic bulletin boards such as AppleLink, CompuServe and America Online.

This month Apple will also begin shipping the QuickTime Developer's Kit. The kit contains more than 800 pages of printed documentation and a CD ROM containing the QuickTime extension, utilities, sample code, sample content, third-party digitizer components, and HyperCard XCMDs. The QuickTime Developer's Kit retails for $195 and can be ordered by contacting APDA.

Apple's source for developer tools, at 800-282-2732 (AppleLink: APDA) within the United States; 800-637-0029 (AppleLink: APDA) within Canada; or 408-562-3910 (AppleLink: APDA) from other international locations.

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