Winnov Announces Viduem Family For Enhanced Personal Communications Over The Internet

Videum Revolutionizes Windows-Based Desktop Videoconferencing and Web Authoring by Delivering an Integrated Multimedia Communications Solution for $299

SUNNYVALE, CA, June 10, 1996 -- In a move to simplify and dramatically lower the cost of desktop videoconferencing and Web authoring, Winnov today announced a family of products based on Videum, an integrated video and audio capture add-in board, which - for the first time - enables all aspects of personal communications over the Internet at a price of $299.

"Personal communications for the masses is evolving from electronic mail, text chat and text-based Web pages to collaborative computing and interpersonal exchanges with live-content Web pages and audio-visual interaction via the Internet," said Olivier Garbe, Winnov's founder and CEO. "By combining images, audio and video, Videum enables users to seamlessly and inexpensively upgrade their existing system into a true personal communications platform."

Unlike current offerings, Videum is uniquely application-, codec- and transport- independent. This translates into a system that enables users to start with their current communication equipment (e.g., 14.4Kbps modems) and evolve towards tomorrow's high-speed technologies without replacing their multimedia solution. Winnov multimedia technology, in development over the past three years, is designed to provide cost-effectiveness, ease-of-use and compliance with multimedia communications requirements.Winnov's technology has been used for more than a year by early videoconferencing leaders and innovators such as PictureTel and VIVO Software and is now productized for volume distribution.

"Winnov's development efforts address the specific needs of videoconferencing applications and delivers an integrated solution that seamlessly enables desktop videoconferencing at a breakthrough price," said Jim Miller, Winnov's President and COO. "We believe Videum will dramatically change the landscape for Windows desktop videoconferencing based on its overwhelming acceptance by leading videoconferencing companies such as White Pine Software, VDOnet, Netscape/InSoft, and others."

Videum Product Family
Videum is a low-cost, high-performance video and audio capture and playback solution for Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and soon to come Windows NT based systems. The half-size ISA board is fully compatible with Microsoft's Video for Windows as well as Microsoft Sound System.

Winnov's combined audio-video Windows driver technology brings full-duplex, low-latency audio synchronized with incoming video at capture time, with no lip-sync artifacts alleviating cumbersome post-capture software editing. Videum delivers optimal performance at very low price due to its highly integrated system architecture, specialized ASIC and finely-tuned Windows device drivers. By building upon an architecture that uses software drivers to obtain increasing functionality rather than be limited in hardware, Videum functionality and performance improve with new drivers, codecs (Winnov and third-party developed) and Pentium upgrades, thereby increasing useful product life. Videum is also the first board to provide a "No IRQ - No DMA" architecture, making it possible to install the board in minutes, eliminating typical support headaches.

Videum comes packaged standalone with add-on board, Windows and Windows 95 drivers as well as applets for immediate use of Videum.

Desktop Videoconferencing
Winnov's videoconferencing product, VideumConf Pro, is a complete desktop videoconferencing solution that includes the Videum add-on board, color CCD camera and industry-leading videoconferencing third-party software for use over the Internet, a TCP/IP network, ISDN or standard phone lines. VideumConf is also available without a bundled camera.

Videum's powerful capabilities enhance personal videoconferencing. Video inputs include composite video (NTSC, PAL) via RCA connector, S-VHS video and a multimedia expansion port. It supports a high-resolution document-mode camera (via the S-VHS input), previously only available on expensive boardroom solutions. Up to three cameras are supported at each end. Audio support includes 16-bit communications-based (8KHz-48KHz) and multimedia-based (11.025Khz) standards. And, on-board power supplies eliminate external camera power source.

Multimedia Authoring
Videum's multimedia authoring, VideumAuthor, includes the Videum add-on board and industry leading third-party multimedia applications and utilities for multimedia and Web authoring.

The same powerful capabilities that enable Videum for desktop videoconferencing allow it to meet today's multimedia and Web authoring demands. Videum captures high-end video up to a full 30 frames/second at 352 x 240 pixels with 16.8 million colors -- that which is required for MPEG authoring -- while intra-frame compression makes editing quick and easy. Both 2D and 3D objects can be scanned at high screen resolutions with any video camera, from a simple composite camera to high-end S-VHS camcorder.

VidClip, a drag-and-drop TWAIN-compatible multimedia capture applet, allows for still image, audio and motion video clip capture and playback. Captured files are fully Microsoft AVI compliant. And, Videum is the only hardware-based solution endorsed by Netscape to take advantage of its LiveMedia Web technology.

VideumCam, a high-quality color CCD camera bundled with VideumConf Pro, is available separately. It features a sleek look, built-in microphone, a one-inch to infinity focus, and a single cable connection to the Videum board, eliminating an external power source. A bundled applet allows remote pan, tilt, zoom, contrast and brightness controls via mouse operation.

VideumTV, a TV tuner, connects Videum to cable TV or TV antenna, for live TV broadcasts. Videum's video capture capabilities make VideumTV ideal for Internet and multimedia authoring. It features a built-in TV tuner that provides full-screen, full-motion (30 fps), scaleable and sizable TV displays in WNTV, a TV display applet. VidClick, a remote control applet, allows a user to select up to 99 channels, quickly scan all channels and store active stations.

Pricing and Availability
Both the Videum add-on board and VideumCam are priced at $299 and are available now via Winnov's Web page. VideumConf Pro costs $499, VideumAuthor costs $399 and VideumTV sells for $99 and will begin shipping in 60 days. The products will be available at retail outlets, as well as sold through distributors and OEMs in the coming months.

About Winnov
Founded in 1992, Winnov, Visual Communications for the Internet, is a leader in Microsoft Windows-based video and audio communications solutions and is the only developer of capture boards that uses its own technology. Winnov's technology emphasizes streaming video, video conferencing and digital video camera solutions. For more information, contact Winnov at 1-888-4-WINNOV or via its Web site