Winnov First to Bring to Windows NT 4.0 Videoconferencing for Under $500

VideumConf Pro First Complete Desktop Videoconferencing System to Support Windows NT 4.0 at a Breakthrough Price of $499!

SUNNYVALE, Calif., November 11, 1996 -- Winnov, a leading supplier of PC multimedia products for the Internet/Intranet videoconferencing, Web authoring, and Internet phone markets, today announced that its VideumConf Pro desktop videoconferencing solution now supports Microsoft Windows NT 4.0.

VideumConf Pro is the industry's first complete videoconferencing solution available on the Windows NT platform for under $400. The system includes an audio/video capture board, high-quality video camera, and videoconferencing software and offers the same high level of performance as competing systems for thousands of dollars less.

Winnov's videoconferencing and multimedia products have always run on Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 and, because of this successful legacy, are recognized as the products of choice for the Windows environment.

The success of Winnov's products has led to strategic OEM agreements with such industry leaders as Philips Electronics, which recently announced two new videoconferencing solutions based on Winnov products, EasyCam and EasyConnect Videoconferencing Kits, for the prosumermarket.

"The collaboration between Philips and Winnov has consistently resulted in the delivery of superior videoconferencing solutions to our respective customers," said Sam Feldman, business line manager for Philips Professional Solutions. "Not only does Winnov's support of Windows NT allow both companies to reach a broader market, it also helps videoconferencing further reach its potential as a universally accepted communications tool."

"With desktop videoconferencing increasingly becoming a preferred communication style in many companies and Windows NT grows in popularity, we decided to extend the VideumConf Pro line to include the exploding Windows NT market, said Frank Guerrero, director of marketing for Winnov. "A powerful and popular platform, Windows NT maximizes the color video resolution, audio, and communication speed of our Videum-based family of desktop videoconferencing products. Winnov is delighted to be able to offer the VideumConf Pro on Windows NT at such an industry-leading price."

VideumConf Pro includes Videum AV audio/video capture board, VideumCam color video camera, and White Pine Software's award-winning Enhanced CU-SeeMe for $399. VideumAV features full-duplex audio, video capture up to 30 fps (352x28 pixels and 16.8 million colors) with fully synchronized audio and no DMA or IRQ installation for $199. PC Computing recently announced Videum as a 1996 MVP finalist.

The VideumConf Pro for Windows NT 4.0 is currently available. Current users of VideumConf Pro supporting Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 can update their complete desktop videoconferencing solution by downloading software from Winnov's web site:

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About Winnov
Founded in 1992, Winnov, Visual Communications for the Internet, is a leader in Microsoft Windows-based video and audio communications solutions and is the only developer of capture boards that uses its own technology. Winnov's technology emphasizes streaming video, video conferencing and digital video camera solutions. For more information, contact Winnov at 1-888-4-WINNOV or via its Web site