CableLabs President Dr. Richard R. Green Statement

Louisville, Colorado, July 7, 1997 -- Cable Television Laboratories, Inc. (CableLabs®). "We are very proud of the MPEG LA effort. The idea to create this rights pool germinated within CableLabs and Baryn has toiled long hours to make this CableLabs spin off happen," said CableLabs President and CEO Dr. Richard R. Green. "We have every confidence that MPEG LA will facilitate the deployment of MPEG technology, as we envisioned. That will benefit CableLabs members, their customers, and consumers everywhere," Green added.

CableLabs is a research and development consortium of cable television system operators representing more than 85% of the cable subscribers in the United States, 75% of the subscribers in Canada, and 12% of cable subscribers in Mexico. CableLabs plans and funds research and development projects that will help cable companies take advantage of future opportunities and meet future challenges in the television industry. It also transfers relevant technologies to member companies and to the industry. In addition, CableLabs acts as a clearinghouse to provide information on current and prospective technological developments that are of interest to the cable industry.