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From: Andrew Veliath <>
Subject: DVD Rocks like Audio CDs! DIVX takes a NOSE DIVE!
Date: 1997/09/11
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>>>>> Tim Balvanz writes:

    Tim> What happens if I decide to sell my DiVX player? Can the
    Tim> memory be reset before the new owner takes posession? Or,
    Tim> will the unwitting get duped by receiving a bill from the new
    Tim> owner? DiVX sets the prices you pay for rentals, not the


My thoughts as well.  This is almost like DIVX will have a monopoly on
this (GEE, wonder why a big LAWFIRM is part of this thing).  Look how
old VCRs are all over the place now.  Can you imagine if you wanted to
buy an cheap used playback only VCR for $30 and have to do have it
"activated" and crap?  It defeats the purpose...

Plus, I know many people who watch Disney videos (mostly the kids)
like every damn day -- how much would that cost them?? Probably WAY
over $25-$30 bucks of one DVD (probably closer to $100 bucks a month -

I think an analogue is that Audio CD's work fine just the way they
are... DVD's shouldn't be an exception.  My primary concern is that
DIVX might prompt an END TO DVD!  I hope it is a much *smaller*
portion of the market if anything!

Andrew Veliath <>
Computer Systems Engineering
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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