Winnov Videum Capture Boards Extend High Performance

Streaming Video Capabilities of the NetShow Services

Winnov Continues Pioneering Support for NetShow Services

SUNNYVALE, Calif. (July 7, 1998)-Winnov, a leader in Windows-based video and audio communications solutions, today announced that its Videum line of video capture boards have been optimized for use with the Microsoft Windows NT Server, NetShow Services to achieve higher performance streaming video over the Internet and corporate intranets.

Winnov is now shipping new PCI versions of their Videum capture boards with enhanced device drivers that have been fully tested and optimized to deliver unmatched performance and ease of installation for use with the NetShow Services. The Videum AV video and audio capture board is ideal for use with the NetShow Services because of its high-quality video capture - 30fps at 640x480 pixels - with fully synchronized audio. Additional features that enhance the NetShow Services streaming video capabilities include support for multi-CPU servers -- commonly found in high-traffic Windows NT operating system, software-selectable video sources and scalable video window sizes. Accompanying Videum device drivers have been updated for increased video quality and performance by supporting MMX-enabled processors. Videum device drivers are also only the solution that support Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT operating systems.

"When used with the new Windows Media Technologies, our Videum capture boards make it possible for users to uniquely utilize all of NetShow Services features, whether audio, or streaming video" said Olivier Garbe, founder and CEO of Winnov. "We're excited to continue working with Microsoft to bring high performance streaming video to customers desktops for use over the Internet and over corporate intranets."

"Winnov's Videum capture boards have proven to be a great solution for Windows Media Technologies customers," said Gary Schare, lead product manager, Microsoft Corp. "We are excited that Winnov is continuing to support the Windows NT Server NetShow Services and look forward to continuing to work closely with them in the future."

Pricing and Availability
Winnov's Videum capture boards are available now. The Videum line of video capture boards features Videum AV ($199), a high-performance audio and video capture and Videum VO (US$149), a low-cost, high-performance video-only capture board that works with all sound boards and provides the same video quality and performance as Videum AV. Both boards are specifically designed for use with streaming video and Internet videoconferencing. Both capture boards are also available for ISA slots.

Winnov products are available from the Ewarehouse NetShow Shop, as well as from leading distributors and resellers, leading catalogs such as Micro Warehouse and PC Connection and PC Zone, or directly from Winnov.

System Requirements

About Videum
Videum Video and Pentium is Winnov's premier line of video and audio capture solutions and is based on Winnov's WAVI (Winnov Audio and Video Interleaved) chip sets. Videum's device drivers are known industry-wide for providing maximum performance and robustness in enterprise server environments. Videum is the preferred solution of Windows-based videoconferencing and streaming video software developers.

Videum is a registered trademark of Winnov. All other products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

About Winnov
Founded in 1992, Winnov, Visual Communications for the Internet, is a leader in Microsoft Windows-based video and audio communications solutions and is the only developer of capture boards that uses its own technology. Winnov's technology emphasizes streaming video, video conferencing and digital video camera solutions. For more information, contact Winnov at 1-888-4-WINNOV or via its Web site