DIY Drones - GPL Software

2001-09-26   UAV helicopter project
2001-10-15   Autopilot 1.2, command and control software for helicopter UAVs

2002-01-13   Autopilot 2.0, command and control software for helicopter UAVs

2003-03-25   Autopilot UAV 2.5, command and control software for helicopter UAVs
2003-08-xx   Paparazzi 1.0

2005-06-15   Ground station development and Paparazzi

2006-01-02   Linux port
2006-06-23   Commercial application
2006-10-xx   The Paparazzi solution  [PDF]

2007-07-11   Paparazzi center
2007-11-17   How to understand Paparazzi source code architecture?

2008-01-17   Installation on a non Debian based distribution
2008-01-18   Paparazzi quickstart

2009-01-10   Business model for open source hardware, don’t charge for IP - See document  More  [PDF]

2010-01-06   Clarification of ArduIMU source code license  More  [PDF]
2010-04-07   QGroundControl  More  [YouTube videos]
2010-04-05   MAVLink communication protocol  More  More
2010-05-17   QGroundControl  License  More  More  More
2010-05-24   Pascal Brisset, Paparazzi
2010-06-20   ArduPilot Mega source code repository, people
2010-09-18   QGroundControl v.0.7.7  [YouTube]
2010-09-21   ArduPilot Mega public beta source code
2010-11-21   QGroundControl, Ardupilot, osgEarth support now in development branch  More

2011-01-03   QGroundControl v0.8.0 experimental binaries  More  More  More  [YouTube]
2011-02-11   Ardupilot code
2011-03-11   APM 2.0 beta
2011-04-25   QGroundControl roadmap, maintainer, status update  More
2011-07-14   QGroundControl 0.9.0 alpha binaries available
2011-09-08   ArduPlane and ArduCopter source code, repository reorganization, branding cleanup
2011-09-11   DIY Drones development team  More
2011-09-27   QGroundControl v1.0.0 ready for alpha-testing  More  [YouTube]
2011-11-11   ArduPilot testing system  More
2011-12-03   ArduPlane flights with APM2
2011-12-16   Geo-fencing

2012-03-17   ArduPlane 2.30  Licence  More
2012-05-02   CanberraUAV to-do list  More  More
2012-06-08   ArduPlane 2.40 beta  Licence  More
2012-07-06   QGroundControl documentation
2012-07-21   DIY Drones development team  More
2012-07-25   ArduPlane 2.50  Licence  More  More  More
2012-07-26   QGroundControl and MAVLink discussions
2012-10-14   PX4 ArduPlane port

2013-01-16   Changes to APM development, PX4 support
2013-02-10   ArduPlane 2.69, PX4 autopilot support  More  More
2013-02-15   Introduction to FOSS  [PDF]
2013-03-17   DIY Drones development team
2013-04-18   ArduPilot released under GPL license  More  [PDF]  More  More  [PDF]
2013-06-18   New versions of pymavlink and MAVProxy
2013-06-21   Image search code and data released
2013-09-03   QGroundControl 2.0 tech preview release
2013-09-28   Tests of APM on a RaspberryPi  More
2013-10-03   Experimental ground controller code for APM:Plane

2014-01-10   Porting an 8 bit autopilot to Linux  [PDF]  More  [YouTube]  More
2014-03-05   QGroundControl Windows, Mac and Linux weekly builds now available
2014-04-07   APM:Plane 3.0.0  More  PDFs: License  Overview
2014-05-09   Building the Android of UAVs  [YouTube]  More  [PDF]  More  [PPT]
2014-05-25   CanberraUAV's Bushmaster crashes  More  More  [YouTube]  More  More  More  More
2014-08-19   Flight of ArduPilot on Linux  More  [PDF]
2014-09-24   UAV Challenge: UAV crashes during competition  More  More  More
2014-10-13   Linux Foundation and technology companies launch Open Source Dronecode Project
2014-12-28   UAV Challenge: Airframes, autopilots and ground control software

2015-03-05   QGroundControl user guide

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