DIY Drones

2001-09-26   UAV helicopter project
2001-10-15   Autopilot 1.2 for helicopter UAVs

2002-01-13   Autopilot 2.0 for helicopter UAVs
2002-08-30   C++ in microcontrollers

2003-03-25   Autopilot UAV 2.5 for helicopter UAVs
2003-08-xx   Paparazzi 1.0 flight controller board  More  More  [PDF, French]

2004-04-30   Enhancing Paparazzi
2004-05-18   Paparazzi v1.2 board  More  More  More
2004-07-22   Paparazzi, small errors
2004-07-25   Paparazzi testing report
2004-09-20   Paparazzi news
2004-11-18   Drones et micro-drones  [PDF, French]

2005-01-23   Paparazzi news
2005-04-18   Paparazzi, where to obtain the single board computer?
2005-06-04   Wireless communications and Paparazzi

2006-01-02   Next generation Paparazzi board
2006-03-12   Paparazzi questions  More
2006-07-30   Paparazzi commercial boards
2006-10-xx   The Paparazzi solution  [PDF]

2007-03-04   Let's start a "3D Robotics" league - See document  More
2007-07-11   Paparazzi subsystems
2007-08-05   Autopilots for small fixed-wing unmanned air vehicles  [PDF]
2007-12-17   Build your own UAV  [PDF]

2008-01-18   Pre assembled Paparazzi boards  More  More
2008-03-xx   Yet another paparazzi  [PDF]
2008-04-07   PPZUAV is now shipping Tiny2.11 assembled
2008-04-19   Paparazzi experiences  More
2008-05-11   ArduPilot  More  More
2008-06-25   Paparazzi gone commercial
2008-09-05   Everything you need to know about Paparazzi in one sentence
2008-10-12   Pixhawk project  More
2008-10-27   Discussion about Paparazzi and Linux

2009-01-06   ArduPilot  More  More  More
2009-01-10   Business model for open source hardware, don’t charge for IP - See document  More  [PDF]
2009-10-15   Questions about Booz hardware  More  More

2010-01-xx   Autopilots for small unmanned aerial vehicles  [PDF]
2010-01-22   ArduPilotMega  More
2010-02-04   Booz wiki and users survey
2010-02-07   Pixhawk Pioneer coaxial helicopter and Pixhawk MAV robotics toolkit  [YouTube]
2010-02-19   OpenPilot Project  More  More  More
2010-04-21   Which quadcopter should we adopt?  More
2010-05-03   Paparazzi suggestions
2010-07-07   Pixhawk indoor dynamics quadrotor demo  More  [YouTube videos]
2010-07-09   Question about Lisa/L  More  More
2010-07-19   Paparazzi documentation  More  More
2010-08-23   pxIMU MAV autopilot poll  More  [YouTube]
2010-08-25   Pixhawk project information
2010-09-09   Pixhawk quadrotor with onboard computer demo  [YouTube]
2010-10-11   pxIMU, pxServo, pxPower, pxCOMex and pxOvero boards available  More
2010-12-07   Paparazzi blog
2010-12-14   Lisa/M next generation entry level Paparazzi autopilot

2011-01-12   OpenPilot  [YouTube]  More
2011-02-21   Aspirin IMU Release  More  More  More
2011-05-16   Any news about Lisa/M?  More  More  More  [PDF]
2011-05-18   Copies of ArduPilotMega at half price
2011-06-30   Pixhawk team  More
2011-09-27   Pixhawk quadrotor autonomously following a wall  [YouTube]
2011-11-02   ArduIMU V3
2011-11-30   ArduPilotMega 2.0  More  [PDF]

2012-01-04   The ArduPilot family  More
2012-01-23   Pixhawk: A micro aerial vehicle design for autonomous flight  More  More  [PDFs]
2012-04-30   Experience with Ardu 3DR kit, drone flies away  More 
2012-05-29   What do you think the APM should do on fail safe  More
2012-06-04   Is safe flight possible with diydrones gear?  YouTube videos:  1  2
2012-07-25   Introducing the PX4 autopilot system  More  [YouTube]  More  More  More  More
2012-09-xx   Build your own quadrotor  [PDF]
2012-10-18   CopterControl 3D (OpenPilot)

2013-02-18   How ArduPlane works  [PDF]
2013-02-21   APM vs. PX4
2013-05-11   Your own drone to follow you home
2013-05-18   Revolution (OpenPilot)
2013-05-27   PX4 as student and research platform
2013-06-03   Pixhawk autopilot project roadmap  More
2013-06-09   3D Robotics APM, autopilots chart comparison  More
2013-06-13   Autonomous flight results on PX4 / waypoints
2013-08-29   PX4 and 3D Robotics present Pixhawk  More  More  [YouTube]  More  More
2013-09-05   RC model helicopter fatally strikes its operator
2013-11-10   OpenPilot turns 4, meet the team

2014-01-07   Hundreds of Pixhawk autopilots have been shipped  More  More  [YouTube]  More
2014-02-13   Ardupilot on Flymaple  [PDF]
2014-04-06   Triathlete sustains head injuries from drone
2014-05-09   Multirotor drone crashes on beach  [YouTube]
2014-05-14   3DRobotics temporarily stops shipments outside of US, Canada  More  More
2014-05-25   CanberraUAV's Bushmaster crashes  More  More  [YouTube]  More  More  More  More
2014-06-21   Ardupilot development news  More  [PDFs]
2014-06-30   3D Robotics resumes shipments to 44 countries
2014-09-24   UAV Challenge: UAV crashes during competition  More  More  More
2014-12-28   UAV Challenge: Airframes, autopilots and ground control software

2015-03-18   FAA investigates drone flying near news choppers  [YouTube]
2015-04-08   Multirotor drone crashes and burns  [YouTube]

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