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From: (Tramm Hudson)
Newsgroups: rec.models.rc.helicopter,comp.robotics.misc,rec.aviation.rotorcraft
Subject: UAV helicopter project
Date: 26 Sep 2001 18:16:47 GMT
Organization: Steampunks Software, Inc
Lines: 36
Message-ID: <9ot62f$ecv$>
Keywords: automated helicopter, rotorcraft, UAV, Linux, GPL,
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I've setup a project on SourceForge for my helicopter UAV prototype.
The documents there are my design ideas, status updates and code so far.
Right now the machine has been flown several times by hand and was
working very well until a receiver problem caused a fairly bad
crash.  The tailboom and tail rotor gearbox were damaged.  I repaired
the boom and am waiting on the replacement gearbox.  The home-brew
repair didn't hold against the torque.

While it is down awaiting parts, I've written code to interface with
a four axis joystick and produce outputs for a servo controller.  The
flyer software currently maps control inputs into flight surface
movements and appears to work.  I'm revamping the trim system to use
a Eurocopter style "force-release trim" rather than the R-22 style
"hat-switch trim".

Hopefully this weekend I'll be flying via the computer.  And have
pictures to add showing the zany antics as everyone dodges the
spinning blades...

Sign up for the mailing list if you want to join in.  I am looking for
input and ideas on the "full size" model that will be capable of
carrying the onboard computer, sensors and camera payload.  Or, build
a prototype and fly your own!

As usual, the code and plans are available for free under the GPL.

Chief Test Pilot

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