January 23 2005

Added a style-sheet and a video gallery [ ] to the site.

On the hardware side, we are working with Gordon from Gumstix [ ] on the next revision of the controller board. He intends to build and sell it in his online shop. The new board will maintain the current version capabilities while allowing to be used as a Gumstix daughter-board for Linux enabled operations :) We are still discussing the architecture, so if you have remarks, this is just the right time....

On the software side, there's been much going on.

On the airframe side, the eta and the easystar [ ] are still waiting in there boxes :( We have build a new microjet with everything buried in the wings (see pics on the aircraft page [ ]). The bungee launch [ ] methods is now well tested.

On the project side, our project is now endorsed [ ] by ENAC [ ], the french civil aviation school. It is using it as a support for many fields that are taught there. Some of the projects we have have with them involve

This more "formal" status given to us by ENAC made it also possible to work more officially with other partners. Among them we have

Well this was a bit long, but the last update dated back 4 month ago :)

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