From:  David Conger 
Subject:  [Paparazzi-devel] PPZUAV is now shipping Tiny2.11 assembled 
Date:  Mon, 7 Apr 2008 10:10:11 -0700 

Hi All,

Good News. Paparazzi Tiny2.11 are shipping! PPZUAV (
I see Mr. Carr is advertising a lot here so we don't want anyone to miss out on our new 
items, prices and services. If you ordered a Tiny2.11 the only assemblies not being 
shipped out right now are the orders waiting on the IR sensors. Those will arrive in 
2 days. we did go ahead and put the bootloader, funjet1 code into those ones in 
preparation for shipping.

We say we tested them. How? We also had them checked out and verified all the voltages 
were right, checked the clock pins on the LPC. Basically did all the checks listed on 
the Paparazzi Wiki for self assembly / debugging.  Since all are built by robots 
(pick and place) they will all be the same. We just wanted to be sure these first 
ones passed all those test first...and they did!
Check our website ( for specials. We can soon 
take VISA / MC payments directly as well. Also we have added many new items recently.
18mm ceramic emtac antenna, Sarantel helix antennas, programming cables for USB 
programming and the FTDI cables for bootloading with adapter now avail. We also are 
the only provider of 4-layer PCB for Paparazzi and will soon provide Tiny1.3 Autopilots 
and the 17 state IMU (IMU_3J) from the Paparazzi Project (all 4-layer design and yes, 
with those hard to solder ball-grid components...BTW: it's no problem for our assembly 
companies robots). You need it we will make it. contact us: address@hidden

We won't make it a habit to post here but we also don't want those who are just 
following the list to think there is only one solution out there for Paparazzi 
Project items. We are the most complete solution out there.

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