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Chris Anderson
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June 23, 2008

ArduPilot is an inexpensive navigation-only autopilot based on the open-source Arduino [ ] platform. It is currently in beta. In fall 2008, it will be available as an easy-to-assemble kit (PCB with SMD parts already soldered, plus a few through-hold parts to solder yourself as required) for approximately $30. The software and hardware are all open source.

ArduPilot just controls the rudder (for navigation to GPS waypoints) and the throttle (for altitude hold). It requires a third-party stabilization unit (we recommend the FMA CPD4 CoPilot [ ] ) to control the ailerons and elevator of the aircraft. If you want a more sophisticated autopilot that has the stabilization function built-in, you'll need to wait for ArduPilot Pro [ ], which is not as far along on the development path.

The entire electronics setup for a typical electric aircraft with an ArduPilot and FMA CoPilot looks like this:

ArduPilot features include:


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