Our team consists of graduate students of ETH Zurich, but is currently not fully assembled. It is supported by the academic staff of the Computer Vision and Geometry Group.

Interested in becoming a team member? Contact us!

If you want to contact us, please go to the Contact [ http://pixhawk.ethz.ch/wiki/team/contact ] page.

Team Lead

____ is coordinating the MAV student team. He will organize the student work and keep track of the development process. He is the contact person for the academic staff. His area of expertise is computer science, in particular computer vision and geometry and he will work on the structure from motion pipeline. He is currently also assembling the electronics and mechanical prototype to offer the team a working platform right from the beginning.

Computer Vision

We have not yet recruited team members for computer vision.


We have not yet recruited team members for electronics design.


We have not yet recruited team members for controller design.

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