From:  David Conger 
Subject:  [Paparazzi-devel] Thank you to everyone 
Date:  Mon, 27 Oct 2008 13:43:34 -0700 


With all this talk about orders I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who 
ordered from PPZAUV. Your support is why we work so hard. We have shipped 100% of 
all orders in a timely manner. It takes usually less than 7 days from the time the 
order is received for us to program the autopilots, make the cables, package and ship. 

We have seen the increase in orders lately and just want to thank all of you for 
your support. Without you it would not be possible for us to continue so THANK YOU! 

Things to remember:

1. If the website shows in is in-stock it is truly in stock. We often get questions 
asking if we have these items and yes we do. We order 100 units at a time and update 
the web store inventory often. 2. For USA based orders please use FedEx ground for 
inexpensive shipping. It is fast, reliable and full online tracking information is 
provided. 3. For international customers who use US Postal there is a flaw with their 
API. No matter what you select it returns the most expensive option (50.00 or more). 
In every case we issue a refund to your credit card or paypal the difference. We do 
not make any profit on shipping. We also apologize they have lost 2 orders so far. 
In both cases we issued full refunds but we encourage you to use FedEx for expensive 
orders to protect this investment for both of us. 4. We include cables to connect 
everything ordered with a bundle. So if you order a bundle with IR sensors you will 
get the cables ready to connect. We also program the latest u-blox firmware and apply 
the GPS configuration file from the Wiki. 

Our goal is to make what you receive as close as possible to ready to fly. We also 
appreciate your business and if you are less than satisfied or have any issues please 
contact us. We have many customers who can verify we do everything we can to make your 
order experience a good one. 

Best Regards,
David Conger

Copyright 2008