ArduPilot now available to buy!

Chris Anderson
DIY Drones

January 6, 2009

Great news! ArduPilot is now available to buy [ ] at Sparkfun. The price is $24.95 (or buy 100 at $19.96 each ;-)). Note: there is a limited number available now, but Sparkfun can make more pretty quickly so get your order in now and they'll be filled from backorder in the order they were received.

[Update on availability from Sparkfun: ~15 coming out of production today/morrow. 63 more PCBs ready. Waiting on xtals (probably about a week).]

You'll also need an EM406 GPS [ ] module, and for all but the most stable planes, an FMA Co-Pilot [ ], so unless you already have those items, the total cost of the autopilot will be around $155.

Huge thanks to Nathan Siedle at Sparkfun for helping us get through the production snafus and otherwise taking this project under his wing. Now let's win his autonomous vehicle competition [ ] with an ArduPilot-guided plane!


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