Aspirin IMU Release

February 21, 2011

Today we are pleased to announce the public release of our next generation IMU, Aspirin [ ]! After a lengthy research, development, and testing period we are now happy with the hardware and the software drivers for this unique IMU. It is incredibly small and light, three digital sensors packed onto a single 19x14mm PCB. The footprint allows you to integrate it into your own designs too. We are also making available a carrier board for drop in use on Lisa/L [ ].

Besides its small size Aspirin is cheaper then the Booz IMU you already know. The use of all digital sensors reduces size, cost and complexity while simplifying calibration.

Aspirin provides 9 degrees of measurement (DOM): 3 axis linear acceleration, 3 axis angular velocity, and 3 axis magnetic field measurement.

It consists of:

This IMU is ready for the next generation Lisa/M [ ] autopilot that we wrote about before. The module fits directly on Lisa/M without the need of a carrier board.

We did not add an MCU on the board to save space, reduce cost, and improve latency behavior when connected to an autopilot. You have direct access to the sensor busses.

Aspirin uses the latest generation of Invensense 3 axis MEMS gyroscopes. IMU-3000′s advantage over other sensors (such as ITG-3200 found in similar IMU designs) is its selectable range. Selectable range allows the user to obtain maximum resolution and optimum performance, depending on vehicle dynamics and desired flight mode. No longer will it be necessary to limit vehicle dynamics to 300/s, as Aspirin’s gyroscopes have a range of up to 2000/s.

Aspirin IMU are available now in the Joby Robotics [ ] online shop.

As a side note, Joby Robotics also has crimped picoblade wires in 10 different colors. So you don’t have to acquire an expensive crimp tool and you are not stuck to only red colored wire. You can find those in the Wires and Friends [ ] section.

Here a small video of a Quad with Lisa/L autopilot with Aspirin IMU running Paparazzi rotorcraft firmware, for some additional entertainment. Have fun!

[ ]

Cheers your Paparazzi team.


Chris Anderson

February 25, 2011

Is this open source?

7:12 pm


February 25, 2011

Yes it is Open-Source. The driver source code is available in the paparazzi GitHub repository [ ]. For more information look in the Wiki [ ].

9:26 pm

Chris Anderson

February 25, 2011

Thanks esden, but I meant the hardware, not the software. Where are the Eagle files?

10:23 pm


February 28, 2011

No for the time being the Eagle files for Aspirin are not released in a OSHW definition compatible way. We at Joby Robotics would love to be able to release the files. But we don’t feel comfortable with that at the moment. It is a continuing discussion here at Joby Robotics, so let’s hope for the best!

P.S. Aspirin is not a “Paparazzi” design as such, it was developed at Joby Robotics with close collaboration with Paparazzi community. It may have not been reflected by the article properly for some readers.

6:03 pm

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