CopterControl 3D: “It’s Here!"

October 18, 2012

The moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived! Thanks to the tireless and dedicated efforts of the volunteer team behind the OpenPilot project we are very proud to announce the release of the CopterControl 3D (“CC3D”) flight controller. Our community has put together a series of videos celebrating this release:

The CC3D is the best performing OpenPilot board to date with some very exciting and important updates:

The CC3D includes all the previous features that made the original CopterControl such a well received flight controller such as the innovative flexiport, serial port connectivity to Spektrum satellite receivers via a low cost adapter and powerful STM32 processor.

The CC3D will be the last in the CopterControl series of flight controllers. The OpenPilot team is excited to switch complete focus towards our next generation platform of controllers, the Revolution.

Where To Purchase The CC3D

Our distributors will open for orders at 18:00 UTC on Thursday, October 18th. This link [ ] provides local times around the world corresponding to that “on sale” time for your reference.

We are making a limit of 2 per customer due to demand and to get these in to as many hands as possible.

The main OpenPilot website has a link to the distributors that are carrying the CC3D in inventory. We have distributors in Europe, New Zealand and our Global store as well. Unfortunately, we do not have a US-based distributor this time around. The best place to purchase the CC3D will be from the Global store if you are not in one of the regions that has a distributor.

The links to the stores are here:

As always, the updated lists of distributors is located here [ ].

A sincere thank your from all of us at OpenPilot for your support, patience and help in making the CC3D a reality. Now let's go flying!

About OpenPilot

OpenPilot is an Open Source project aimed at providing the community with low-cost but powerful stabilization and autopilot platforms. OpenPilot’s strength is the community that has developed, where individuals contribute their time, effort and skills so all can benefit. As a non-profit open source program, OpenPilot aims to bring this technology down in price to make it more affordable to deploy.

Target applications of OpenPilot developments include civil and humanitarian uses where search and rescue capabilities afforded by guided aerial platforms can be of immense value, academic uses for research, stabilized platforms for aerial photography, as well as DIY hobbyists looking to do a little flying and have some fun. The OpenPilot platform includes support for multicopters, helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. However, the OpenPilot platform is flexible and can be adapted to diverse needs such as unique aircraft, marine, and ground vehicles. Being an Open Source project, the code is freely available for modification to suit unique needs.

OpenPilot is an ideal platform for researchers and hobbyists working on aerial robotics or other mobile vehicular platforms where stabilization and guidance are required. OpenPilot brings the cost down to reasonable prices so people can focus on developing and refining applications rather than paying the extremely high prices of most commercial offerings, or having to do ‘from the ground up’ hardware development.

About OpenPilot Platforms

OpenPilot is currently focused on developing two hardware platforms: the CopterControl (both Original and 3D) and the Revolution. OpenPilot Revolution will be an autopilot platform with a full INS unit onboard, while the CopterControl boards are smaller, lower cost, but powerful stabilization boards with 3 axis gyros and accelerometers. The CopterControl boards can be augmented by different sensors and communication systems. Both units utilize the OpenPilot Ground Control Station software where options and setup are done, as well as providing Ground Control functions, such as way-point setting and telemetry functions. The OpenPilot project range provides solutions for a wide variety of user needs.

Getting Involved With OpenPilot

As an Open Source project, OpenPilot needs your help and support. OpenPilot is a community project. It’s staffed by all volunteers that donate their time and talents to push the project forward for the good of all. Schedules and life changes bring about a rotation of people, and new faces are always welcome.

If you have the desire to help, step up!

You need not be an ace software guru to contribute. There is a chance for everyone to get involved, no matter what your skill set. Lending a hand can be done in a wide variety of ways:

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