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The APM Universal Autopilot

APM is the world’s leading open source UAV autopilot for a reason: it’s affordable, reliable and incredibly flexible. It’s the first universal autopilot, which means that the same hardware can provide fully autonomous control to a multitude of vehicles, from multicopters and traditional helicopters to fixed-wing planes and even ground rovers.

Unlike simple RC flight controllers, APM is a full UAV autopilot, which means it supports both piloted and unpiloted (fully autonomous) flight, including hundreds of GPS waypoints, camera control and auto takeoff and landing.

APM is used by customers that require a high-performance Attitude Heading Reference System on aerial fixed-wing, multi-rotor and ground-based vehicles. APM vehicles are used in a number of different applications from precision agriculture, mining and search and rescue to animal conservation, entertainment and scientific research. When you need to reach remote, difficult to access areas at a high-frequency and gain valuable aerial and surface based data, an APM equipped vehicle is the right choice.

APM offers:

APM is Better Than the Rest

There are many types of flight controllers in the market. APM is the only controller that has the features, reliability, performance and price that separate it from the pack and make it stand out as the perfect balance of cost vs. benefit.

At $249 for multi-platform autonomy, no other flight controller can compare.

3DR APM universal autopilots are available from the 3D Robotics store.

Purchase a 3DR APM Universal Autopilot [ http://store.3drobotics.com/products/apm-2-5-kit ]

3DR APM Documentation [ http://ardupilot.com/ ]

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