First Autonomous Flight Results on PX4 / Waypoints

PX4 [ ]

June 10, 2013

Just some very early results, but here we go with our first autonomous onboard video [ ]. This is the PX4 native stack flying a stock Bormatec Camflyer Q [ ] (estimation and control used in the video contributed by James Goppert). PX4FMU + PX4io fits fine, but we are already working with Bormatec on a wider heavy-duty version (photos of the first prototype [ ]). Always keep in mind that the design goal of PX4 is to provide a modular autopilot platform not only for our own purposes, but also to allow others to build on. While working closely with the APM dev team making sure that APM runs fine on it, this allows us to experiment and push the state of the art (certainly on the platform, just starting on flight control), offering a flight control app on the same hardware for every purpose. For those who noted: Yes, QGroundControl has some cool new features coming, the AHRS display was contributed by Soren Kuula, and much more (not shown in the video) is coming from Michael Carpenter, with some really important design guidance by Michael Oborne and Craig Elders experience going in as well.


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