[Canberrauav] Slight Change of Plans
Stephen Dade stephen_dade at hotmail.com 
Tue Aug 12 23:03:04 EST 2014 

Hi everyone,

This email is just a quick update for those not in the "core" CanberraUAV

Last Sunday, our competition UAV (the Bushmaster) was involved in a mid-air
collision with another RC aircraft at CMAC flying club. It was accidental -
these things do occur once every 6 months or so. It was just bad luck that
it happened to us at this time.

The damage to the Bushmaster was severe and we are not sure if it will be
able to be repaired before the competition in 6 weeks.

As such, we have (with the permission of the OBC organisers) decided to take
the step of moving to our backup aircraft - the Pilatus Porter. We had flown
this aircraft many times earlier in the year. The plan is to fit the rest of
our equipment to the Porter and begin using it in our OBC test fights.

The re-building of the Bushmaster will be left as a secondary task and will
be our backup if we are not able to use the Porter.



[Canberrauav] Slight Change of Plans
Andrew Tridgell andrew at tridgell.net 
Wed Aug 13 07:04:07 EST 2014 

If you don't mind graphic scenes of destroyed aircraft, this is what the
Bushmaster looked like after the mid-air on Sunday:


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