DIY Drones - UAV Challenge

1992-11-24   Pathworks server, staring at packets, wrote a socket program, a simple sniffer - See document

2004-01-18   Linux.Conf.Au 2004 - See document  Photos  Photos  More  More

2005-06-19   Queensland to be a world centre for R&D of unmmaned aircraft - See document  More
2005-10-12   The future of UAVs - See document  More  [PDF]

2006-10-12   ARCAA personnel - See document

2007-02-22   ARCAA announces the UAV Challenge, Outback Rescue  More

2008-02-01   UAV Challenge, Outback Rescue, lessons learned  [PDF]
2008-03-17   Aviation launch gets off to a flying start at QUT - See document
2008-05-14   UAV Challenge, Outback Rescue rules  [PDF]
2008-10-04   UAV Challenge, Outback Rescue winners
2008-12-xx   ARCAA's annual report - See document  [PDF]

2009-09-08   UAV Challenge, Outback Rescue rules  [PDF]
2009-10-05   UAV Challenge, Outback Rescue winners
2009-12-08   Make, Hack, Void - See document

2010-01-xx   ARCAA's annual report - See document  [PDF]
2010-09-03   ARCAA facility officially open - See document  [PDF]
2010-09-05   UAV Challenge, Outback Rescue rules  [PDF]
2010-09-29   Make, Hack, Void - See document  More  More  More  More
2010-10-02   UAV Challenge, Outback Rescue results
2010-11-24   Make, Hack, Void, UAV Challenge  More  More  More  More

2011-01-15   CanberraUAV, ardupilot and flightgear  More  More  More  More
2011-01-22   Arducopter mini-project
2011-02-05   HIL simulation with FlightGear  YouTube:  More  More
2011-02-09   Python MAVLink implementation  More
2011-03-16   New format for UAV Outback Challenge
2011-04-11   Antenna tracker
2011-04-25   SkyWalker flight, APM saves the day  More  More  More  More  More
2011-06-27   CanberraUAV design
2011-07-19   Outback Challenge, Search and Rescue Challenge Rules  [PDFs]
2011-07-31   Senior Telemaster as an APM test platform
2011-09-25   CanberraUAV in the media
2011-10-11   Rod Walker, co-founder of Outback Challenge
2011-11-21   CanberraUAV, analysis of crash
2011-12-19   CanberraUAV, Mugin progress

2012-01-20   CanberraUAV and the Outback Challenge  [YouTube]  More  [PDF]
2012-01-24   UAV Outback Challenge, CanberraUAV, PointGrey
2012-01-26   CanberraUAV design
2012-02-04   CanberraUAV update
2012-03-17   ArduPlane 2.30  More
2012-04-17   CanberraUAV video report  More  [YourTube]
2012-04-18   Outback Challenge videos  More
2012-05-11   Outback Challenge, Search and Rescue Challenge Rules  [PDF]
2012-05-13   CanberraUAV, 2nd pandaboard dead
2012-05-27   CanberraUAV testing results, interference at 900 MHz  More  More
2012-06-08   ArduPlane 2.40 beta  More
2012-06-24   CanberraUAV testing results  More  More
2012-07-25   ArduPlane 2.50  More  More  More
2012-07-29   Canberra UAV testing results  More  More  More  More  More
2012-09-10   Outback Challenge schedule  [PDF]
2012-09-30   Can anyone find Outback Joe?
2012-09-29   CanberraUAV report  More
2012-10-01   Outback Challenge report  More  More  More
2012-10-04   UAV Challenge, Outback Rescue results
2012-10-05   Outback Challenge: Drone finds dummy 'bushwalker'  More  More  [WMA]  More  [YouTube]
2012-10-13   CanberraUAV, the way forward  More  More  More  More

2013-01-21   Open source telemetry radio  [PDF]
2013-01-27   Quadcopter workshop - See document  More  More  More  More
2013-02-10   ArduPlane 2.69, PX4 autopilot support  More  More
2013-02-18   How ArduPlane works  [PDF]
2013-02-26   Outback Challenge, call is out to save Outback Joe  [PDF]
2013-02-28   CanberraUAV update  More  [PDF]
2013-03-25   CanberraUAV, UAV flies away
2013-04-08   CanberraUAC, weather station, Davis protocol reverse engineering  More  More
2013-04-29   CanberraUAV, Outback Challenge 2014 status
2013-05-06   CanberraUAV, Ardupilot and Mission Planner development
2013-05-20   CanberraUAV, auto take off / auto landing status, to-do list 
2013-05-21   CanberraUAV, equipment weight
2013-05-21   Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro board
2013-05-27   Engaging with military UAV people
2013-06-09   CanberraUAV, UAV did not return from search and rescue mission  More  More  More  More
2013-07-01   CanberraUAV, outstanding issues, Australian National University  More
2013-07-10   Autopilots  More
2013-08-12   CanberraUAV, airframes discussion
2013-08-23   CanberraUAV on TV  More  [YouTube]
2013-08-31   Pixhawk autopilot, failsafe/termination
2013-09-02   CanberraUAV, Australian National University, Micro-pilot based Crop-cam  More
2013-09-17   Outback Challenge, Search and Rescue Challenge Rules  [PDFs]
2013-10-14   CanberraUAV, antenna tracker  More
2013-10-20   CanberraUAV, long range test, auto mode / landing problems  More  More  [YouTube]  More
2013-10-21   CanberraUAV, Australian National University
2013-10-30   CanberraUAV, sonar testing
2013-11-01   NASA UAS competition
2013-11-25   CanberraUAV, auto landing capability, imaging software  More
2013-11-29   CanberraUAV, Australian National University, flight testing  More  More  More

2014-01-08   Affordable Differential GPS  [PDF]
2014-02-17   CanberraUAV's Bushmaster design background  More  More  More  [YouTube]
2014-03-01   Antenna tracking
2014-04-07   APM:Plane 3.0.0  More
2014-05-08   CanberraUAV testing plans  More  More  More
2014-05-25   CanberraUAV's Bushmaster crashes  More  More  [YouTube]  More  More  More  More
2014-05-26   CanberraUAV, the road to Kingaroy  More
2014-06-21   Ardupilot development news  [PDF]
2014-07-15   CanberraUAV plans  More
2014-07-23   Antenna tracker
2014-07-26   CanberraUAV Outback Challenge  [YouTube]
2014-08-xx   Eyes in the sky  [PDF]
2014-08-03   CanberraUAV update  More  More  More
2014-08-11   Outback Challenge videos  More
2014-09-07   Outback Challenge report  More  More  More  More  More  More  More  More
2014-09-24   Team Open UAS makes it to the search area but UAV crashes
2014-09-24   Team Swiss Fang's UAV crashes on the way to search area
2014-09-25   Team H2Joe's UAV crashes while flying on the search area
2014-09-26   Team Aetournos's multirotor UAV crashes after returning from search mission
2014-09-26   Outback Challenge final results  More
2014-10-03   Next steps for CanberraUAV  More  More  More
2014-11-22   Drones get water to stranded Joe in the Outback  [BBC video]
2014-12-28   UAV Challenge: Airframes, autopilots and ground control software

2015-04-14   Ardupilot development news  [PDF]

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