EFF - Electronic Frontier Foundation - Mitchell Kapor

1982-06-07   VisiCalc's creator goes it alone - See document
1982-12-13   New software takes the drudgery out - See document

1983-10-07   Lotus Public Offering Gets Warm Welcome - See document

1984-02-08   Lotus sues Rixon Inc. - See document
1984-02-26   How a Software Winner Went Sour - See document
1984-09-18   Visicalc Lawsuit is Settled - See document  More
1984-10-12   Lotus Names Mitchell D. Kapor Its Chairman and Chief - See document

1985-02-25   Coming of Age at Lotus: Software's Child Prodigy Grows Up - See document
1985-04-09   Lotus Development Will Acquire Software Arts - See document  More

1986-02-10   Will Lotus Ever Learn To Count Past 1-2-3? - See document
1986-04-08   Lotus Names Jim Manzi To Additional Post Of Chief Executive - See document
1986-07-11   Lotus's Influential Head Mitchell D. Kapor Decides To Call It Quits - See document  More  More

1987-01-01   "1-2-3" Creator Mitch Kapor - See document
1987-04-09   Copyright Suit Fights Lotus 1-2-3 - See document
1987-11-16   Jim Manzi's hard-nosed style has transformed the freewheeling software maker - See document
1987-11-18   Mitchell D. Kapor Forms a Company - See document

1988-05-30   Mitch Kapor's Well-Greased Dream Machine - See document
1988-07-04   Teaching Discipline to Six-Year-Old Lotus - See document
1988-09-07   Judge Hears Arguments On Software Legal Rights - See document  More
1988-09-11   High-Tech Rebel Mitchell D. Kapor - See document
1988-11-08   Judge Clears Lotus in Copyright Case - See document
1988-12-07   SAPC v Lotus and Mitchell D. Kapor - See document

1989-03-06   Claim Against Lotus Dismissed By Court - See document
1989-05-22   Kapor: Computers Must Be Easier To Use - See document
1989-07-01   Dan Brincklin, Software Arts Inc. - See document

1990-01-22   First Mac Product by Mitchell Kapor - See document
1990-03-07   Mitchell Kapor Cautions Against Copyright Protections for Ideas - See document  More
1990-05-11   Creating New Software Was Agonizing Task For Mitch Kapor Firm - See document
1990-05-30   Mitchell Kapor Eyes Legal Aid for Hackers
1990-07-11   Kapor For The Defense In Computer Field
1990-09-xx   Litigation vs. Innovation  More  [PDF]

1991-02-15   SAPC v Lotus and Mitchell D. Kapor - See document
1991-09-xx   Why Patents Are Bad for Software  [PDF]  More

1992-03-12   Kapor's Full Testimony

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