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Path: gmdzi!unido!mcsun!uunet!wupost!usc!!world!eff!rita
From: (Rita Marie Rouvalis)
Subject: Attention EFF Members
Summary: relax
Keywords: numbers, cards, ulcers
Message-ID: <>
Date: 1 Aug 91 15:05:02 GMT
Sender: (Rita Marie Rouvalis)
Organization: The Electronic Frontier Foundation
Lines: 49

Members of EFF,

	All of us here at EFF are sincerely grateful for your support.
More than any monetary contribution, the moral support of so many 
individuals from across Cyberspace is profoundly encouraging in our work. 
As administrator, I would like to address some of your concerns.

	I have recently received a quantity of e-mail and telephone calls from
members wondering where the heck their memberships cards are.  Most
were afraid that we had somehow forgotten them . . .  Rest assured, none
of you have been overlooked.  If you received a thankyou letter for your
contribution from Mitch Kapor, then you have been processed as fully as
we are set up to do at this time.  Your name as been added to our database
as a member, your check has been cashed, and I mailed you out a letter.
(Mastercard and Visa have also gone through; we are still waiting for
authorization for American Express, so if you paid with your AmEx card
that is why it hasn't shown up on your bill.)  If you sent in a membership
form and have *not* received a letter, *please* contact me. 

	As far as membership cards, numbers, T-shirts, and the 
sundry paraphenalia normally associated with membership in an organization,
please be patient!  At this very moment a world-class graphic artist is
working on a logo for EFF.  When we have this logo, you will all get
your membership cards, complete with those coveted low numbers. (I am
keeping careful track of the order in which memberships arrive; you will
be assigned your number according to your spot in the queue.)

	A bit of Administrivia while I have your attention:  Please do
*not* e-mail your credit card numbers to me!  E-mail is not secure!
Also, to address some concerns raised over the recent black-cube break-in:
No membership or mailing list information whatsoever is stored on
black-cube or  A cracker would have to get into the building,
sit down at my mac, and access my database to find information on any
of our members. 

	If you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact me
at (617)864-0665 or

Rita Marie Rouvalis
Administrator, EFF

Rita Marie Rouvalis     
Electronic Frontier Foundation   | Fragment.  Another fragment.  Good 
155 Second Street                | device.  Will be used more later. 
Cambridge, MA 02141 617-864-0665 | -- Metamagical Themas 

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