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Newsgroups: dc.general
Path: sparky!uunet!!convex!!eff!rita
From: (Rita Marie Rouvalis)
Subject: EFF Seeks Washington Intern
Message-ID: <>
Sender: (NNTP News Poster)
Organization: Electronic Frontier Foundation
Distribution: dc
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1992 15:16:14 GMT
Lines: 84


The Electronic Frontier Foundation seeks applications for a permanent, full-
time position as an administrative staff assistant in its Washington, D.C., 
office to begin immediately.


  * Daily monitoring of multiple publications using Lexis/Nexis as well as 
    other on-line services.

  * General research support for four professional staff members.

  * Responsible for maintaining the EFF's clip files.

  * Tracking Congressional legislation.

  * Fufillment of information requests over the telephone and by regular 
    and electronic mail.

  * General clerical duties including, but not limited to, answering 
    telephones, photocopying, data entry, etc.

Candidates familiar with Macintosh computers and related applications and 
related online systems, will be given preference.  Experience with/knowledge 
of the legislative branch, computers and computer communications is 


       $17,500 annually with vacation and benefits package.

       Sarah Simpson
       Electronic Frontier Foundation
       666 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE
       Suite 303
       Washington, DC  20003
       (202) 544-9237
       fax (202) 547-5481

The EFF is a public interest organization established in 1990 by pioneer 
developers of computer software and hardware and members of the 
computer networking community.

The EFF was founded on a shared conviction that a new public interest 
advocacy organization was needed to educate the public about the democratic 
potential of new computer and communications technologies and to work to 
develop and implement public policies to maximize freedom, 
competitiveness, and civil liberties in the electronic social environments 
being created by new computer and communications technologies.  Our 
primary mission is to insure that the new electronic highways emerging from 
the convergence of telephone, cable, broadcast, and other communications 
technologies enhance First and Fourth Amendment rights, encourage new 
entrepreneurial activity, and are open and accessible to all segments 
of society.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation Is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Rita Marie Rouvalis     
Electronic Frontier Foundation   | 
155 Second Street                | "Stop me before I post again."
Cambridge, MA 02141 617-864-0665 | 

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March 7, 2003 - The SCO Group filed legal action against IBM in the State 
Court of Utah for trade secrets misappropriation, tortious interference, 
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made concentrated efforts to improperly destroy the economic value of 
UNIX, particularly UNIX on Intel, to benefit IBM's Linux services 
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