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From: (Stanton McCandlish)
Subject: EFFector Online 09.11: ALERT: Act NOW to stop Digital Telephony!
Date: 1996/08/02
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distribution: world
summary: 1) House moving TODAY to fund FBI wiretap wishlist. Act IMMEDIATELY!
organization: Electronic Frontier Foundation
keywords: EFF,FBI,terrorism,terrorist,anti-terrorism,anti-terrorist,free speech,
bomb-making information,free speech,freedom of speech,free expression,
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surveillance,wiretapping,wiretap,wire tap,CALEA,Digital Telephony,DigTel,police state

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EFFector Online Volume 09 No. 11      Aug. 2, 1996
A Publication of the Electronic Frontier Foundation        ISSN 1062-9424

ALERT: Terrorism Bill to Fund Nat'l Wiretap Network Without Action NOW!
  The Problem
Upcoming Events
Quote of the Day
What YOU Can Do

* See or, /pub/Alerts/ for more
information on current EFF activities and online activism alerts! *


Subject: ALERT: Terrorism Bill to Fund Nat'l Wiretap Network Without Action NOW!

                             August 2, 1996
                DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE AFTER AUGUST 7, 1996


  The Problem


* News

Though the "antiterrorism" bill did not pass last night, due to polical 
squabbles, the House Rules Committee has stripped the bill of some but 
not all "controversial" provisions, and is pushing the House of 
Represenatives to pass the legislation *TODAY*.

This partially stripped version of the bill, according to ACLU people on 
Capitol Hill, does not have the new wiretapping provisions, unlike the 
version from yesterday, nor does it attempt to restrict or ban encryption.


* The Problem

However, this newly amended terror bill  *calls for funding the FBI's 
"Digital Telephony" wiretapping wishlist*, with "extra" intelligence and 
law enforcement funds. 

The FBI until now has been required to follow a public review process 
before proceeding with this wiretap-the-nation proposal.  The plan is so 
big-brotherish and wasteful that it has been stalled repeatedly, despite
waves of terrorism hysteria.  The new House action threatens to override 
the public's right to participate, passing highly controversial wiretap 
funding with no oversight or even meaningful comment from the people.

If the House passes this provision, the Senate is highly likely to do so 
also, before the upcoming recess. The President will certainly sign any 
"antiterrorism" bill that is passed.  



Please call and fax these key legislators IMMEDIATELY. 
Contact House members first.

House members:

   Dist ST Name, Address, and Party       Phone            Fax
   ==== == ========================       ==============   ==============
      6 GA Gingrich, Newt (R)             1-202-225-4501   1-202-225-4656
      3 MO Gephardt, Richard A. (D)       1-202-225-2671   1-202-225-7452
      6 IL Hyde, Henry J. (R)             1-202-225-4561   1-202-226-1240
     14 MI Conyers Jr., John (D)          1-202-225-5126   1-202-225-0072

Senate members:

      P ST Name and Address           Phone           Fax
      = == ========================   ==============  ==============
      R MS Lott, Trent                1-202-224-6253  1-202-224-2262
      D DE Biden Jr., Joseph R.       1-202-224-5042  1-202-224-0139
      D SD Daschle, Thomas A.         1-202-224-2321  1-202-224-2047
      R UT Hatch, Orrin G.            1-202-224-5251  1-202-224-6331
      R PA Specter, Arlen             1-202-224-4254  1-717-782-4920
      D VT Leahy, Patrick J.          1-202-224-4242  1-202-224-3595

Urge them to move Digital Telephony (CALEA) funding out of the 
current proposal, and onto the "controversial" list.

Talking points to get across:

* The FBI wiretapping plan has, to date, met with shuddering, scorn and 
  outrage from the public.  The scheme calls for wiretapping as many as one 
  person in every major city block, simultaneously across the nation.  

* The US has never before been so close to becoming a police state as 
  *right now*.  

* Funding this nightmare, especially in circumvention of the public 
  review process, is anything but "non-controversial".

If you don't have time to come up with a detailed message, here is a 
sample communique:

        Dear _________,

        Please do not rush the passage of counter terrorism legislation;
        I'm concerned that Congress is rushing without carefully
        considering the implications of privacy.  I'm from <city, state>.

	In particular, the funding for CALEA ("Digital Telephony") needs
        to be removed from the bill before any further action. This funding
        is extremely controversial, and has met with almost unanimous
        opposition from not only civil liberties organizations, but the
        informed public as well.

        Thank you,

For more information on the dangers posed by the Digital Telephony scheme,

Press contact: 
Stanton McCandlish,
Electronic Frontier Foundation
+1 415 436 9333


Upcoming Events

This schedule lists EFF events, and those we feel might be of interest to
our members.  EFF events (those sponsored by us or featuring an EFF speaker)
are marked with a "*" instead of a "-" after the date.  Simlarly, government
events (such as deadlines for comments on reports or testimony submission,
or conferences at which government representatives are speaking) are marked
with "!" in place of the "-" ("!?" means a govt. speaker may appear, but
we don't know for certain yet.)  And likewise, "+" in place of "-"
indicates a non-USA event.  If it's a foreign EFF event with govt. people,
it'll be "*!+" instead of "-".  You get the idea.

The latest version of the full EFF calendar is available from:

ftp:, /pub/EFF/calendar.eff
gopher:, 1/EFF, calendar.eff

See also our new Now-Up-to-Date HTML calendar at:

Aug. 5- * Progress and Freedom Foundation; annual summit held in Aspen,
     6    Colorado, will feature EFF Chairman Esther Dyson, Alvin Toffler
          and Congressman Rick White and Senator Bill Bradley; "An
          exploration of the Electronic Frontier's impact on American
          Info: +1 202 289 8928   Email to:

Aug. 5-
     9 +  International Conference on Computational Linguistics;
          University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Aug. 8  - Registration deadline for SAB96, Sep. 9, 1996.

Aug. 8-
     10 - Conference on Computing and Philosophy; Carnegie Mellon
          University, Pittsburgh, PA. Deadline for submissions: Feb. 19.
          Contact: +1 412 268 7643

Aug. 14-
     16 + Information Seeking in Context: an International Conference on
          Information Needs, Seeking and Use in Different Contexts; Tampere,
          Finland.  Deadline for submission of abstracts: October 15, 1995.
          Contact: +358 31 215 7039 (voice), +358 31 215 6560 (fax)

Aug. 14-
     17 - 7th Macintosh Summit Conference; learn the latest tips, tricks
          and techniques of the Mac platform from the Mac giants.
          University of California, Santa Barbara.
          Contact: Fati Erdogan
          Tel: 805 893 2811
          Fax: 805 893 4943

Aug. 21-
     23 + China-U.S. Meeting on Global Information Access: Challenges and
          Opportunities; Beijing, China.

Aug. 26 - ACM SIGCOMM '96: Applications, Technologies, Architectures and
          Protocols for Computer Communication; Stanford University,
          Stanford, CA

Sep. 2-
     6  + IFIP96, 14th World Computer Congress; Canberra, Australia.

          Contact: +61 6 257 3299 (voice), +61 6 257 3256 (fax)

Sep. 9-
     11 - Connect 96: The Global Summit on Building Electronic
          Communities; information society leaders will discuss the challenges
          of developing electronic infrastructures; hosted by Smart Valley,
          Inc., and Stanford University (event is on campus);
          contact: Leslie Kareckas (408) 562 7747 or email:

Sep. 9-
     13 - From Animals to Animats, 4th International Conference on
          Simulation of Adaptive Behavior (SAB96); Cape Cod,
          Massachusetts, USA.

Sep. 17 + Advanced Surveillance Technologies II; Ottowa, Ontario, Canada.

Sep. 18-
     19 +! Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, Ottawa, Ontario,
           Canada. No Contact Info.
           Contact: Conference Coordinator, 112 Ketn St., Ottawa,
                    Ontario, Canada, K1A 1H3
           Phone: +1 613 995 2410
           Fax: +1 613 947 6850

Sep. 24-
     26 - Electronic Publishing 1996; an international conference in Palo
          Alto (USA) organized by Xerox Palo Alto Research Center;
          Contact: EP96; Xerox Corporation; XSoft Division;
          3400 Hillview Avenue PAHV-127; Palo Alto, California 94304; USA
          tel: +1 415/813-7293; fax: +1 415/813-7188


Subject: Quote of the Day

"A peace that comes from fear and not from the heart is the opposite of 
  - Gersonides

Find yourself wondering if your privacy and freedom of speech are safe 
when bills to censor the Internet are swimming about in a sea of of 
surveillance legislation and anti-terrorism hysteria?  Worried that in 
the rush to make us secure from ourselves that our government 
representatives may deprive us of our essential civil liberties? 
Concerned that legislative efforts nominally to "protect children" will 
actually censor all communications down to only content suitable for 
the playground?  Alarmed by commercial and religious organizations abusing
the judicial and legislative processes to stifle satire, dissent and 

Join EFF! (or send any message to

Even if you don't live in the U.S., the anti-Internet hysteria will soon 
be visiting a legislative body near you.  If it hasn't already.


Subject: What YOU Can Do

* Digital Telephony/Comms. Assistance to Law Enforcement Act

The FBI has been seeking both funding for the DT/CALEA wiretapping 
provisions, and preparing to require that staggering numbers of citizens be 
simultaneously wiretappable.  

To oppose the funding, write to your own Senators and Representatives 
urging them to vote against any appropriations for wiretapping. 

In the wake of the Olympics bomb, the US government, both legislative and 
executive branches, are hot to pass new wiretapping laws, and fund the 
DT/CALEA wiretapping provisions.  SPEAK OUT NOW. There is not a moment to 
lose! See lead article in this issue for more information.

See for more info.

* Anti-Terrorism Bills

Several bills threatening your privacy and free speech have been introduced
recently. Urge your Congresspersons to oppose these unconstitutional and 
Big-Brotherish bills, which threaten freedom of association, free press, 
free speech, and privacy. One such bill passed some time ago, stripped 
of some of the more onerous provisions.  It could have been worse, and 
could yet still be worse: A new anti-terrorism bill posing many threats 
to YOUR privacy is nearing passage. SPEAK OUT NOW. There is not a moment to
lose! See lead article in this issue for more information.

Keep up the pressure. Write to your legislators: No 
secret trials and deportations, no expansion of wiretapping scope or 
authority, no national or "smart-card" ID systems!

For more information on some of this legislation, see

* The Communications Decency Act & Other Censorship Legislation

The Communications Decency Act and similar legislation pose serious 
threats to freedom of expression online, and to the livelihoods of system 
operators.  The legislation also undermines several crucial privacy 

Business/industry persons concerned should alert their corporate govt.
affairs office and/or legal counsel.  Everyone should write to their own
Representatives and Senators, letting them know that such abuses of 
public trust will not be tolerated, that legislators who vote against
your free speech rights will be voted against by you in the next elections.

Join in the Blue Ribbon Campaign - see


Support the EFF Cyberspace Legal Defense Fund:

For more information on what you can do to help stop this and other 
dangerous legislation, see:, /pub/Alerts/, 1/Alerts

If you do not have full internet access (e.g. WWW), send your request
for information to

censorious legislation is turning up at the US state and non-US 
national levels.  Don't let it sneak by you - or by the online activism 
community. Without locals on the look out, it's very difficult for the 
Net civil liberties community to keep track of what's happening locally 
as well as globally.

* New Crypto-Privacy Legislation

Urge your Represenatitives to support the Pro-CODE crypto export bill 
(and to fix the few remaining bugs in it).  

For years US export controls on encryption have hampered the development
of secure communications online. This technology is vital for online 
commerce, for national security, and for YOUR electronic privacy.

The new Pro-CODE legislation will go a long way to rectifying the situation.

Join in the Golden Key Campaign - see


Support the EFF Cyberspace Legal Defense Fund:

See also:
for more info.

* The Anti-Electronic Racketeering Act

This bill is unlikely to pass in any form, being very poorly drafted, and 
without much support.  However, the CDA is just as bad and passed with 
flying colors [the jolly roger?] in Congress. It's better to be safe 
than sorry. If you have a few moments to spare, writing to, faxing, or 
calling your Congresspersons to urge opposition to this bill is a good 

* Medical Privacy Legislation

Several bills relating to medical privacy issues are floating in Congress 
right now. Urge your legislators to support only proposals that *truly* 
enhance the medical privacy of citizens.

More information on this legislation will be available at soon.  Bug to make 
it appear there faster. :)

* Child Privacy Legislation

A new bill to protect children from unethical marketing practices (e.g. 
tricking kids into revealing personal information by offering prizes or 
games) has been introduced.  EFF and other civil liberties organizations
like, and dislike, various points in this bill.  The legislators 
sponsoring the bill appear interested in resolving the problems in the 
statutory language they have proposed.  More information on this will be 
provided soon.

* Find Out Who Your Congresspersons Are

Writing letters to, faxing, and phoning your representatives in Congress
is one very important strategy of activism, and an essential way of
making sure YOUR voice is heard on vital issues.

EFF has lists of the Senate and House with contact information, as well
as lists of Congressional committees. These lists are available at:, /pub/Activism/Congress_cmtes/, 1/EFF/Issues/Activism/Congress_cmtes

The full Senate and House lists are senate.list and hr.list, respectively.
Those not in the U.S. should seek out similar information about their
own legislative bodies.  EFF will be happy to archive any such
information provided to us, so pass it on!

If you are having difficulty determining who your US legislators are,
try contacting your local League of Women Voters, who maintain a great 
deal of legislator information, or consult the free ZIPPER service
that matches Zip Codes to Congressional districts with about 85%
accuracy at:

Computer Currents Interactive has provided Congress contact info, sorted 
by who voted for and against the Communcations Decency Act:

* Join EFF!

You *know* privacy, freedom of speech and ability to make your voice heard
in government are important. You have probably participated in our online
campaigns and forums.  Have you become a member of EFF yet?  The best way to
protect your online rights is to be fully informed and to make your
opinions heard.  EFF members are informed and are making a difference.  Join
EFF today!

For EFF membership info, send queries to, or send any
message to for basic EFF info, and a membership form.



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