VMware Helps Google Develop Innovative Search Web Site

Google focuses exclusively on delivering the best search experience on the World Wide Web. Through innovative advances in search technology, Google helps its users find the information they're looking for with unprecedented levels of ease, accuracy, and relevancy.

Google's team needs to develop and test its Web site across a wide range of platforms and browsers. This testing ensures that their clean interface will work equally well for a Netscape user running on Linux and for a Microsoft Internet Explorer user.

"I use VMware to test Google on a variety of platform and browser combinations without having to reboot my computer or leave my desk," says Sergey Brin, Co-Founder and President of Google.

Google developers installed VMware, then configured virtual disks with various operating system and browser combinations. For example, they could quickly bring up a virtual machine with Windows 95 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4, then a virtual machine with Linux and Netscape Communicator to preview design changes.

Before using VMware to test a variety of configurations on a single machine, Google Web developers had to use a bank of test PCs, each dedicated to running a specific operating system and browser combination. Installing VMware on their desktops meant they didn't have to get up to test design changes.

In addition to providing a bank of virtual machines on each desktop, VMware allowed Google to eliminate the need to choose between Linux and Windows for their applications.

Using VMware to get the most flexibility and power from a desktop PC helps keep Google at the cutting edge of the Internet.

Sergey Brin notes: "Working at a hot Internet startup today, access to both Linux and Windows is a must. There are hundreds of great applications and tools for both. VMware lets me use both Windows and Linux on one computer at the same time."

Instead of hassling with two PCs for each desktop or configuring dual-booting operating systems, Google uses VMware to get access to the applications they need. Google saves time and money and can focus on what it does best.

Sergey Brin stresses that the ease of use and reliability of VMware are keys to its success at Google. "The VMware window on my Linux desktop looks and functions exactly like a Windows 98 machine. VMware is based upon very impressive technology, but the most impressive thing about it is that it really works."

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VMware for Linux running a variety of operating system and browser combinations
Google develops its Web site faster and better using VMware. Testing Web design changes across platforms and browser combinations is easier on the desktop.

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