Digital Equipment Corporation Applauds President Clinton's Export Control Reforms

Washington, D.C. -- September 29, 1993 -- Robert B. Palmer, President and Chief Executive Officer of Digital Equipment Corporation, today praised President Bill Clinton's dramatic relaxation of export control regulations affecting computers.

"President Clinton hit a home run today," said Palmer, who appeared at a White House press conference with President Clinton as  the Administration unveiled its new National Export Strategy. "This most dramatic change would not have occurred without the direct involvement of President Clinton and his cabinet.

"This Administration deserves tremendous credit for listening to industry needs and truly finding the right balance between U.S.  economic security and military security in determining export policy," Palmer continued.

"The new proposed control levels will allow Digital, with our industry-leading 64-bit Alpha AXP chip technology, to compete on even  ground in the worldwide market," Palmer noted.  Alpha AXP chips are designed and manufactured by Digital in Hudson, Massachusetts, where, in addition to its existing facility, the company is building a new semiconductor fabrication plant for completion in 1995.

Today's announcement will bolster Digital's competitiveness in some of the world's fastest-growing emerging markets and will  substantially reduce Digital's administrative costs for export licensing.  Said Palmer, "Global competitiveness and administrative costs are directly linked to Digital's ability to positively contribute to the growth and prosperity of the communities in which we operate."

"President Clinton's announcement is good for Digital and for Massachusetts, by helping us sell Alpha AXP technology," Palmer said.  "I also want to acknowledge the ongoing work of a number of important Congressional leaders, including Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts and Representative Sam Gejdenson of Connecticut, who have been quite attentive to industry's concerns."

Palmer joined a delegation of Computer Systems Policy Project (CSPP) CEOs at the White House press conference.  CSPP, which has been discussing the need for these changes with the Administration for the past several months, was formed in 1989 to develop and advocate industry positions on trade and technology policy issues. CSPP members include the chief executives of Apple, AT&T, Compaq, Control Data Systems, Cray Research, Data General, Digital Equipment Corporation, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems, Tandem, and Unisys.

Digital Equipment Corporation, headquartered in Maynard, Massachusetts, is the leading worldwide supplier of networked computer systems, software and services.  Digital pioneered and leads the industry in interactive, distributed and multivendor computing.  Digital and its business partners deliver the power to use the best integrated solutions - from desktop to data center - in open information environments.


Note to Editors:  Alpha AXP is a trademark of Digital Equipment Corporation.

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